• Plain Water

• A person who has not been baptized



All you will have to do is pour plain water over the person and say,

"I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

That is the traditional Christian version. Most strangers, who don't know about our Church, would sit well with that. But if they are open-minded, you can use our Matriarchal Baptism, which would be:

"I baptize you in the name of MotherGod, Jesus and Mary, and the Holy Spirit."

Here is another variation:

"I baptize you in the name of Holy Infinity, and in the name of Holy Creation, and in the name of the Holy Spirit."

You can call God "God the Mother", "God the Mother Father", or "God the Infinity". Calling God by the name of Father alone does not seem appropiate today when it has been proven that women are biologically superior to men, and for thousands of years menhave been subjugating and oppressing women by force.




Before you pour the water on the person, you must get the consent of their heart and mind that they want to renounce the devil with all his works and vanities. They must also consent to receive God into their heart and life. We have baptized many people of many different backgrounds. Some people who are Jewish or Muslim don’t want to use the name Jesus, but they desire God. There is nothing wrong with that. We are open-minded to baptize in the name of God in whatever way the individual feels comfortable. This would be our Matriarchal way of affirmation.

Baptizer: "Do you Jane Doe renounce the devil and all his works, and all his vanities, and all his evil?" 

Subject: “Yes I renounce him.”

Baptizer: “Do you receive into your heart, MotherGod, Jesus and Mary, and the Holy Spirit? Do you wish to live a life of goodness and love, truth, and righteousness? Do you wish to love your neighbor as yourself?” (These words are approximate and you can change them somewhat, the main essence being that they must renounce the devil and receive God and all that is good. If the person only believes one way, work with them with that way. If they solely believe in Jesus Christ and the traditional way, baptize them in the name of Jesus Christ. Don’t get them confused. Ask them first how they believe, and go with it. God is ready, willing and able to give the born-again experience (which Baptism is a symbol of) to any person of any faith.

Subject: “Yes I accept God and all that is good. I accept Jesus and Mary into my heart and mind.” (This answer may vary also according to the individual.)

Baptizer: “Congratulations. On this great day you have been Born Again, and God will dwell in your heart forever. Try to live up to all that you know of God, and follow the teachings of God in your daily life. Amen.” 




Anyone you meet, at anytime and anyplace. Always carry water in a bottle. You never know when you will meet someone you will be chatting with and you will say to the person,

"Have you been baptized?"

And the person says,


Then you say,

“Would you like to be baptized? There is nothing to it, and it will guarantee your Salvation. If you do not receive God you might die and go to Hell. I can baptize you right now.”

Try not to frighten the person about the magnitude or difficulty of Baptism. Some people will be embarrassed. Be gentle and kind. Try to not let them get away from you. Forgive this analogy but it is kind of like, when you pick up a rock and a small snake rushes out from under it. You have got to grab it fast or it will get away. Always remember that you are saving souls from Hell, and this is extremely important work.





From time to time it becomes known that certain souls are bound for Hell. You know that the chances of them submitting to Baptism are slim. Here is what you do, because this is what Rasa did with three men whom God told her were going to Hell.

She took three pillows and put them side by side. She also took three pieces of paper. On each piece of paper she wrote the name of each man, the date, and the names of two Saints (1 male, 1 female) as Godfather and Godmother. She prayed to these Saints to be their Godfather and Godmother. She took plain water and sprinkled it on each pillow as if it were each man, and said the appropriate prayers, and answered for them as if they were there, or as if their guardians were there.

That night Rasa had a dream. In the dream, the Baptismal grace entered two of the men, but one of the men rejected the grace and he went into the dungeon. But the other two left the house where they were and went into the Light.

Rasa has also baptized friends and relatives she knew were not baptized and she feared for the soul. She saw most of these entering into the Light. By this she understands that unconsciously a person either rejects or receives the grace of God when it is offered. Rasa also understands it is important to keep trying to bring the grace of God to others.




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