angel slaying a demon


Psalm 67 (words approximate –put Her instead of Him if you wish)


"Let God arise! Let his enemies be scattered! Let all that hate Him flee before him! As smoke drifts away, so drive them away! As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish before the presence of God. Behold the Cross of the Lord, flee bands of enemies. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Offspring of David.

Who is like God?!
Who is like God?!
Who is like God?!
Who is like Christ, True God and True Man.
Who is like the blessed virgin Mary, our Queen, who gave birth to the Eternal Word, a virgin before and after?!

Be gone Satan in the name of Jesus!
Be gone Satan in the name of Mary!
Be gone Satan in the name of everything that is Holy & Righteous!
Be gone Satan in the name of all the Saints! Be gone all ye demons and go to the pit!

To the pit!
To the pit!
To the pit!

Jesus Christ commands you!
Saint Michael the Archangel commands you!
Holy Mary commands you!

Go to the pit and never return! Do not harm the human race anymore. I command you to reveal who you are, what kind you are, when you entered, why you entered, what you have done, and what you plan to do, and then be gone forever to the pit never to return!

Be gone Satan! (say this while sprinkling Holy Water)
Be gone Satan!
Be gone Satan!
Be gone Satan in the name of Jesus!







angel slaying a demon


Where we live on Earth is not Heaven. In Heaven there will be no demons. This world is a place of conflict, a place of spiritual warfare. On this place the souls do battle with Satan, and this is how God ordained it. There is wisdom in this. We do battle because we must prove ourselves, and we must be tried and tempted and proved. Without a struggle there is no victory. Without battle we cannot show God our true love. It is through discipline, trials, and heartaches that we become great people. If we do no struggle, we become soft and weak and perhaps helpless.

Some of the greatest chastisements come to us in the form of the demonic. They do not show us how ugly or evil they are. They come disguised as pleasure, and comfort, and success. Although the preceding things are natural, the devil uses these things to get our minds off God and the eternal in order to get us addicted, to get us confused. The devil may be hiding in the most innocent hobbies to make us forget the greater good. The devil can hide in seemingly innocent pleasures. He is sinister, he is wilily, and he is extremely intelligent. He has thousands of years of experience. He knows every game play, every move, and every trick in the book. If God did not restrain him, he would either kill us or put us on the road to Hell in a few minutes.

In God’s mercy, God permits the demons to attack us only from time to time and not constantly and only in certain ways at certain times, but not in all ways at all times. Why would the wonderful God permit the devil to torment us? Sometimes because we have committed a sin, or a fault and God needs to chastise us to get us out of that sin or fault. Sometimes we are with people who have demons, and those demons jump into us. The most innocent Christian or person of any religion can be attacked and frequently are.

The safest action is to do Exorcism every day. When demons come around, the first thing they do is to convince you that they are not there.

Whenever we think,

"Old Slewfoot hasn't been around for a long time. He probably got tired of abusing me and realizes that I'm not worth the trouble, because he can't get me to do anything evil. He probably won't be bothering me much anymore."

Know with certainty that he is there projecting this thought to you, and is ready to attack.How to Know When Demons are Present

First let us talk about when these demons are present in you, yourself. One way you could guess they are present is when all your problems seem insurmountable, or every problem seems horrendous. You lose your piece of mind, serenity, your trust, some of your faith, and some of your positive thoughts and feelings. It's as if everything is caving in around you. You feel weak, you feel traumatized, stressed to the point of exasperation.

Please understand that God permits these states, but when you have had enough and the Grace of God returns peace of mind, serenity, faith and trust return. Then you will see that someone was attacking you, and it was the devil. You can see it clearly when it is over. While he is attacking you, you are so absorbed in your problems that you never think of the devil.

It is a bit easier to see the devil in other people. They become hysterical, extremely angry, raging, anxious, and depressed beyond normal. You can see the devil in Sin when people commit atrocities and cruelty. You can see the devil in addiction, despair, and in gross selfishness, insensitivity, carelessness, and neglect of those they should love. The best way to guess that the devil is present is when all negative things are exaggerated. Our human nature is weak, and the devil uses it to make it worse.

There are demons that are extremely secretive. These secret demons hide in ego, and in pride. These types of demons can infiltrate the highest places. They can be in ministers, priests, and others in authority. Consider two of the worst monsters who ever lived; Stalin and Hitler. Nobody knew they were demonic. They did not manifest their demons in the open. All was done secretly. And so, there are many monsters in the world that look like good parents, good priests, good spouses, or even good children, but they are truly demonic and you cannot know this unless you know the secrets of their hearts.

There are also people who commit no crime, that really stands out but they live strictly for the world and the flesh. No demon need attack them because the demon knows they are going straight to Hell, and they do.




Sometimes the general exorcism is not enough. Sometimes you have to know who you are fighting. Sometimes you have to address them in order to get rid of them. Here are some of the demons you may have to name:

• Rejection
• Abandonment
• Unforgiveness
• Hardness/Bitterness
• Occult / Curses
• Generational Curses
• Bondage to Evil Persons
• Disobedience
• Self Hate
• Depression
• Discouragement / Despair
• Low Self Esteem
• Anxiety / Worry
• All Negativity
• Lying / Cheating / Stealing
• Lust / Rape

• Murder
• Child Abuse
• Prejudice
• Sexism
• Contempt
• Pride / Vanity / Self-Absorption
• Sloth / Distraction
• Gluttony / Addiction
• Hate / Anger / Revenge
• Violence / Cruelty
• Cold Heartedness
• Contempt / Indifference
• Insensitivity
• Indifference
• Arrogance
• Self Righteousness

You could do a general exorcism as we stated in the beginning, or you can add to that all the specific demons and do it every day if you want to be really fastidious. There are times when we do these exorcisms every day for months, and then we slack off. Obviously God does not permit them to attack us daily, because we would be totally worn out. The devil is so smart that he gets us into addictions and vices, where we become helpless to sin. Then he can leave us in the quagmire, and attack somebody else. If you do exorcisms every day and you don't need them, they will go to help others.




warrior angel


There are many weapons against Satan. There is the Whole Armor of God. The Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Girdle of Truth, the Feet shod in Peace, the Sword of the Spirit, and the Shield of Faith. There is participation in Holy Communion. There is prayer, one of the greatest of which is the Holy Rosary. Charity scares away demons, as does mercy, as does forgiveness. But there is one secret weapon which stands out in our minds and that is the weapon of humility.

Humility is a stupendous weapon. When you humble yourself, you remove your mind from your ego, from your flesh, and from all earthly desires. You sink into your Spirit which is God. You withdraw from all pride and sin, and from all Earthly desires. You become sort of a nothing. You become so small that the devil can’t even see you. How can the devil attack nothing? How can the devil attack something so small that he can’t even see it? This is the great secret to protecting yourself from the devil. If you ever feel anger, hate, or revenge, quickly humble yourself into nothing. In fact, all warfare against evil is done in humility, not in greatness. The flesh has no power. The human mind and heart has no power. Only God has power. Put yourself out of the way and let God be God.Every Saint who ever lived has battled. From Krishna to Buddha to Jesus to all the Saints; they have been attacked by all the forces of Hell. Satan cannot touch God. He can only touch you or harm you when your mind sinks into the flesh and the world. That is the great secret of triumph over all evil.




You must understand that all of us who are in the fellowship of Jesus Christ, his faithful followers and those of His Mother as well as those of other religions who are of God; the faithful Saints of God have authority over the devil. There is no greater instrument of defeat of the devil than the Cross of Jesus Christ and all that it implies. If you neglect to use your authority, that’s all that Satan needs to wreck your life and the lives of your loved ones.It is true that Satan does not attack everyone with equal ferocity. If you undertake to do anything great for God in your own soul or in active labor, you will be the number one enemy of Satan. He will target you for the most violent and persistent attacks. Perhaps the average person is not aware of spiritual combat because the average person has not undertaken any great works towards Holiness or service to mankind. But all the Saints and all Holy Souls understand the ferocity of spiritual combat. You never have to go down in defeat, but you must absolutely exercise your authority by your words and your deeds. Satan must obey you, because he must obey God, and God is in you. The Christian religion has a specific type of warfare against Satan, and it is good. No minister who is worth her salt can neglect the use of exorcism. If you employ exorcism, no matter who you are you can create positive results all around you. Never fear the devil. He has no power over you. He works when you do nothing, or when you give into his wiles. Pray for discernment of spirits. Exorcism is simply telling the devil to leave you and others, and to return to Hell. You have absolute authority to do this, and you must do it.




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