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Nude Venus by Bouguereau
Blonde Venus With Perfect Body And Starfish Earrings In Bath
The Birth of Venus (1879)
William Bouguereau

Autumn Equinox (1997)
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Our suspicious world looks upon nudity with a raised eyebrow. In the Garden of Eden, Adam & Eve were naked.


Is it because we have sinful eyes that we see sin in places that it doesn't exist?


What kind of brain damage have we suffered that things have to be covered up, changed, transformed, and altered away from the original natural image in order for us to feel comfortable and say this is art?


Is it because we have sinful eyes that we see sin in places that it doesn't exist?






Why is most of the world so concerned about sex?
Because their minds are in the flesh.


Why do they get so upset and judgmental and condemnatory and irrational about sex when it is brought up?
He said they are so confused. They are told that it is wrong and yet everyone is doing it and wants it, and they don’t know what to think or believe.


Is nudity in any way a sin?
By no means the Lord says.


Hard Body Nude With Perfect Buns And Long Red Nails Bedecked With Gold Jewelry

The Three Graces
(c.1890 - 1896)

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Camilla (1995)
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Why do people get so upset when someone is nude or a lot of their skin is showing. Why does everyone stare at someone with little clothing. Why are people so interested and so condemnatory of nudity, if nudity is by no means a sin.
Everyone wants to see skin, Jesus says, because it’s a natural curiosity. It is something hidden that everyone would like revealed. People are curious about the bodies of other people. They are curious about the young, the old and the in between. They are curious about what happens to people’s bodies when they get old, what they look like when they are young, how their bodies fall apart. All these things are hidden underneath clothing. They are especially interested in those who have beautiful bodies and are in good shape. The beauty is attractive. Beauty is something that everyone loves; the beauty of a flower, a sunset, the water, the green grass, the beautiful animals of creation.


Is masturbation a sin?
All these rules that are made about sex, The Lord says, whoever makes the rules means them for other people, never for themselves. It’s a way of controlling people. The rules, like masturbation, are without a doubt to put guilt on other people, a guilt trip and a feeling of fear upon other people. Whoever made the rules is in the days when most of these rules were made you had Patriarchy, and they wanted all men to go after women and get them pregnant and keep them pregnant. They didn’t want men to be homosexuals, they wanted them all to go after women. They wanted to keep women pregnant as often as possible, and keep them bearing children. That makes them crippled, to fight off men, to fight back against men. It cripples them to become leaders, it cripples them to take the initiative in work, or in vocations, or in some sort of ambitious projects. They want to keep women bearing men’s children; they want to train women to constantly bear children, so they want to stop people from doing anything but doing sex to women and women from doing anything except having sex with men just to keep them pregnant all the time.


The Libyan Sibyl (1511) by Michelangelo
The Thinker To Us Is A Topless Blonde Woman With Large Breasts
The Libyan Sibyl (1511)

Grazi Moteris (1992)
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What about the rules of marriage, Lord? When two people get married in a Patriarchal ceremony how serious are these vows?
There are many answers, a tremendous variety of relationships, The Lord says. Some really mean what they say, when they say till death do us part, for richer or poorer. Some don’t mean it at all. They just go through the motions. When two people get married and one really means their vows and the other one doesn’t, and the other one intends to break his or her vows, then the marriage is not ratified in Heaven. One of the people wasn’t serious about it. If one of the people on purpose breaks his or her vows, without any strong reason (just for the sake of pleasure or some reason not serious)just for the sake of having a good time with someone else, then they have broken the marriage contract. The marriage contract is no longer valid in the eyes of Heaven. One person has broken it, and so the victim (the one who has been cheated on) is no longer bound to be faithful either. It’s usually the men that are the cheaters, but women cheat as well. A woman does not have to take seriously a man who cheats on her chronically. She can do likewise, because it’s not a real marriage. If he’s a cheater, then she can go ahead and cheat too. It is not a real marriage in the eyes of Heaven. They can still stay together. That’s the way contracts are. If one person breaks it, then the other person is no longer bound by the contract.


Dawn by Michelangelo (1524-1531), detail of the Tomb of Lorenzo
Strong Bodied Attractive Nude Woman Getting A Sun Tan
Dawn (1524-1531)

Grazi Moteris (1993)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder




I ask Our Lord about images on our site that are somewhat glamorous or sexy, if they are in any way offensive to God and He says they are not. He says that I was more worried about the reactions of women and so I had some nightmares. He says that whenever you have beauty and glamour or nudity involved you will lose some of the women, but you could gain some men. You can never please everyone all the time.
Every women has a great fear, (every heterosexual woman,) is that you will take away her boyfriend or her husband. That you will eclipse her, that you will make her look bad. Women have terrible fear with regards to women that are glamorous, beautiful or sexy. And you fear the reaction of these women.


Do you want me to stay away from anything like that in order to not to lose these women? Or is it a inevitability that has to happen? If the site is going to be nothing but text with nothing provocative or controversial it will be a dull, boring site I fear and nobody will come to it because this is not what life is about, and it will be giving only one part of God but not touching every facet of our life; our health, sex, nudity, social morays. We needs God’s light to shine into every facet of our life. What we do under the covers in the bed, to what we do in the pulpit, in a governor’s or president’s seat, or a parent’s seat. If I only talk about mystical theology, prayers, polotics, and anything to do with sex or nudity, and things that tend to be a little controversial and scandalous, it will be a bland site like many others, and I won’t be honest and truthful to who and what I am.
Right now by you employing a little bit of artistic tasteful nudity, some women will not like it – but there will be others who will. Most of the men will like it, the only men who won’t like it will be like fundamentalists who pretend they don’t. Meanwhile in their secret lives they are addicted to pornography and sex, they are repressed. They project their sins onto others. You will win a few, you will lose a few. If you do nothing at all this is artistically nude, nothing glamorous, you also will limit the number and type of people that come to you. So whatever you do, you cannot please everyone…ever. The Lord speaks some more: He says you have to address sex. Your way of addressing things is that you have resources, tasteful artistic photos that you would called anatomy and art. Nudity of itself is not evil; nudity in art, nudity in nudist camps, nudity in home, it’s all in how you look at it. They look at it with evil eyes, with prudishness, condemnation, and with judgment. They make it evil in their own eyes. Their eyes are dark, but if their eyes are pure they do not see evil in nudity. We will define what evil is. We will explain to them in what way does pornography become evil, when is nudity ever a sin.


Woman With Perfect 10 Body Bending Over Her Bath Tub

The Bathers (1884)
William Bouguereau

Autumn Equinox (1997)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder



Is pornography evil Lord? When is it sinful?

The Lord says, define pornography. Pornography is a film, movie, or a picture of people doing some form of sex. That of itself is not evil, because sex is not evil. After all, sex is a normal natural act, but when does it become evil? Only when someone is exploited or degraded, forced to do something when don’t want to do it, when it is against their will. The same things applies to sex, some people can’t make a decision for themselves. If they are retarded or slow minded, if they are gullible, totally naïve, and unknowing and cannot make a decision then it becomes evil. If they are forced, tricked it is evil. If an adult takes advantage of someone underage it is evil. Degradation in which the women didn’t really consent to but has to do it because; she needs the money, is mentally ill, or emotionally ill --- that is evil.

When people have to be in the sex trade in order to survive, they are not sinning. But those who exploit them or take advantage of their misery are sinning.



Dear Lord, is the Catholic Church deceiving people on purpose or do they not know what they are doing? They are lying to people, and they are being hypocrites in the area of sexuality and women’s role. They are being brutal.
If you want to understand what the CC is doing, there is a very simple analogy. In the days of slavery the slavers had a certain perception of the Africans and relationships with the Africans, and of putting them to work. This life view which they maintained opened up doors and windows for incredible abuses: Exploitation, rape, brutality, human rights violations, starvation, treating people as if they were animals. An amendment even made a black person less than a human being. Horrible atrocities against human respect. People have a way of fooling themselves and deceiving themselves in order to meet their own desires. The CC has been sinning against women and children for two thousand years. From the time they started, when they ousted women from leadership roles, up until today, they have been deceiving themselves. The answer to your question is that some are enlightened, but they aren’t doing anything about it because they remain loyal to the CC. The CC is intimidating people to make sure that whoever is a member toes the line. Some are in darkness and deceived and gullible, naive and stupid. There aren’t many like that. Most have a vague sense of discrimination on some level. The CC is in a desperate situation, and how desperate they do not realize. They are coming to the end of their credibility. The things they were able to get away with in the old days they are still pushing. Discrimination, sexism, child abuse and homosexuality are what they are about. They got away with these things, on some levels, for two thousand years. It’s not going to work any more because the world has grown up. Their demise will not come from the good things they’ve done but from the evil. They want to believe that they are the holy ones and that the secular world is evil and are beating them up. But it’s not so. The righteous people in the secular world are infuriated at the CC and they want change, but the CC refuses to change. And so, they will break. There will be changes in the CC forced upon them that they never wanted to make. What will happen is the CC will stop taking in the huge amounts of money. The money will be drastically reduced. People will stop going to church and giving donations. You will see this in the next twenty years. The CC, out of desperation, will eventually ordain women. When they do, things will improve, but it will still take time because they will ordain women with all sorts of conditions and reservations. And so the going will be slow and tedious. You will see these things happen in your lifetime.


Detail Of Sistine Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo 1510-1511
Muscular Voluptuous Woman Sitting On The Trunk Of Tree
Sistine Chapel (1511)

Grazi Moteris (1993)
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Lord, why are people so interesting in pornography, sex, nudity and so on? Is it because they are evil? Are they perverts, pigs, and so on? Why is so much of our entertainment based on sex? Most of our media is based on sex, accidents and violence – sex and all the terrible things that happen. Tell me why all the interest in sex?
Sex is what makes the world go round. Everyone is interested because it’s life. Sex is important to life. The people who renounce it are few and far between; one in a million. It’s natural, it’s the way God made things.


Then why do the churches portray sex, sexuality, the sex trade, nudity as evil? They portray these things in a negative light. Why?

The Catholic Church is an ancient institution built on making people behave a certain way. It is Patriarchal with a Patriarchal agenda. A Patriarchal agenda is to control people in their sex lives to make sure that women are breeding tools for men, make sure that women are faithful, make sure that men put all their sex energy toward women and not toward their own body or men. Everything is based on getting women pregnant (and their lives kept at bay in an institution men call “the family.” “The family” is a buzz work for concentration camp for women and children, where they are at the mercy of men. They work like slaves and they take care of men’s needs and interests. The women and children stand in fear of violence from the men if they get out of line. Women and children are in this situation the slaves of men to do with as they please.) In the situation called family men benefit by women’s breeding and women are made helpless. That’s what it’s all about, to keep women helpless and make men powerful. You know it, I know it, and anyone with an open mind knows it. But it needs to be said openly.


Detail Of Saint Sebastion From The Last Judgement by Michelangelo
Topless Buxom Woman On One Knee In Stretch Green Pants
St. Sebastian (1536-1541)

Grazi Moteris (1992)
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Lord, what about the church position against condoms? Do they want to produce more cradle Catholics and they want to keep women barefoot and pregnant, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the gynecological table? What are they trying to do to us by saying its evil to use condoms?

It would be more logical to say that it’s a sin NOT to use condoms. Tell the people that God would have them use condoms unless they know that neither one of them has a disease, and also when they’re planning to have a child. At that time – don’t use a condom. Otherwise, use a condom to protect both of you and to not bring a child into the world that you are not going to be happy with. Using a condom is a good thing and it would prevent many abortions. To have an abortion is an evil thing. But to use a condom, you do not kill anyone. But when a child is conceived and you abort the child you are killing the child and that is a serious thing.


Sistine Chapel sketch (1511) by Michelangelo
Well Built Blonde Flexes Biceps, Buns and Legs From Behind
Sistine Chapel Sketch (1511)

Grazi Moteris (1993)
© 2004 Rasa Von Werder



Are they trying to create more cradle Catholics?

Patriarchy always gains power by multiplying its own tribe. Certainly the CC wants to increase its own members. Catholics are falling away because the church is antique in a few areas.


When is nudity sinful, Lord?

Nudity, sex and pornography come under the headings that whenever there is exploitation or a person is underage or incapable of making a decision, being gullible, naive, slow minded, ill in some way or confused, or when they have to be forced, or in a condition of slavery or being captive (which includes relationships of unfair domination) then the situation would be sinful. A person must be using their free will. There is also the case of those who are under a contract or obligation or vow to practice celibacy – then they ought to keep that vow. In religious life, you cannot break your vow. God will never abuse you or break God’s end of the bargain. God will always give you the grace if God has called you. There are some people who go into religious life who shouldn’t be there. They thought they would have fun. These people should leave. They have no right to be there – they are taking up space where someone else should be. They are betraying The Lord, themselves, and the community.


The Flood detail (1508-09) by Michelangelo
Full Bodied Blonde Embraces Tree
The Flood (1508-09)

Grazi Moteris (1993)
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Is masturbation a sin? The Catholic Church says it is.

Tell the Catholic priests if they will all stop masturbating, then the public will take them seriously. They will know, they will know they are convicted. It’s like when the guys were going to stone the woman in adultery, and I said to them whoever is without sin cast the first stone. If they can stop masturbating then they could have the right to tell the public to stop masturbating. But they can’t and they won’t, and so they do not have the right.


Talk about fornication, Lord, is that a sin?

Under the conditions I already stated, and also when someone is using the other person. Exploitation, conning, hurting, cruelty - then it’s a sin. If it’s two like-minded people who are both in agreement then it’s not sinful.


Sistine Chapel detail (1511) by Michelangelo
Full Bossomed Blonde Looks Like A Michelangelo Statue
Sistine Chapel (1511)

Grazi Moteris (1993)
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When people get married the Catholic Church says they have to be married in Church. The marriage of the civil authority is not a real marriage. It is not a sacrament. What about that?

Marriage has always existed, from the time the first male and female consented to be with one another in friendship and sex. It will always exist whether or not there is a Catholic Church. The CC did not invent it nor can they stop it. They can make all the rules they want, but people will follow the natural law. For those people who want the sacrament of marriage because it makes them happy, let them enter into the sacrament of marriage and it will bless them. But it does not make the other marriages invalid.


Let’s talk about the way men view women, and women view women in the sex trade. Strippers, masseuses, prostitutes, etc. Everything in the sex trade. When men look upon them with evil eyes, how do you look at the men and the women. Do they have the right to look at such women with contempt and disdain, with judgment and condemnation? Following those thoughts, men think it’s alright to use and abuse her. People see themselves as morally right with sex-trade workers falling far behind.

The Lord says this is about the double standard. This is one of the most important things you will address and have to conquer. You must convince people that the double standard has to go. It is breaking up very slowly but it’s still there. The poorer the communities, such as third – world countries, the more pitiable the conditions in this area. Women in poverty have very little ability to fight back against exploitation and abuse. In the richer countries they can do it, but it’s by no means easy. Until Matriarchy comes back to the whole world, the lot of women will not be a happy one and the lot of children is troubled. Children are brainwashed to become Patriarchal in their thinking and they are sexually abused at home in a chronic fashion.

You must speak about the double standard and you must harp on it. This is one of the things that you must address over and over. As much as you must harass, ridicule and belittle the behavior of the priests, you must also harp upon the double standard all the time. There has to be an absolutely equal standard of justice for men and women. If something is a sin for woman, it is a sin for man. Men have no right to look upon women in the sex trade with evil eyes. The reason they look upon them that way is that they know these women are poor, that they are frequently victims. In some cases, they are not poor, but usually this is the best chance they have to make a decent living. You must condemn the view of women as evil when they are in the sex trade.


Olympia (1863)
Edouard Manet
Lola (1973)
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Lord, feminists say that women must get out of the sex trade; that they are putting a bad light on women. The sex trade of itself is evil and women should not be in it.

Tell the feminists who say that to strip themselves of their own resources – to take away their family support. To remove their family’s support, both moral and financial. Any inheritance they have, remove it. Take away their degrees and now put themselves into a place of physical and emotional need. Strip themselves bare in the way that most sex-trade workers are, of these resources, these avenues of refuge and picture what they will do. And there, but for the grace of God, they would be. You cannot take sides with feminists like this; you must fight them. You will be fighting many evils, both men’s and women’s. This is one of the women’s evils. You will not have to be fearful of a fight because it’s something you will have to do. I fought the world on many fronts. The principal ones I condemned were those who were in the highest authority of the Church. It will be the same for you. The ones who are in the Church authority in your country are without a doubt the worst offenders against women and children, and you have to fight them. You will have to fight the feminists that are against the women who are victims.

No one should condemn the women in the sex trade. Everyone has a right to happiness and a decent wage. They do not have to live in a hovel or in squalor or in absolute poverty by working a minimum-wage job. They have a right to be in the sex trade and earn a good living because everyone has an equal right to happiness.


What about wealthy people? Is it ok for a wealthy person to be in the sex trade?
A wealthy person does not need to be in the sex trade. In most cases it would be a bad idea. In some cases, it might be acceptable as long as no one is hurt and what they do is not degrading , not exploitative or cruel to anyone. Most of the time it would be totally unnecessary.


I’m using nudity on this site starting with this page. Is this alright? Do I have to be extremely careful about showing the genital organs or about the sexiness of the images? What is acceptable or not so?

Look at the statue of David. Look at all the pictures that Michaelangelo did. If you can show a penis you can show a vagina. That’s not pornography. Even if it was pornography, it’s not necessarily evil. To make your point you just have to show your artistic nudes.


Will this page enhance the site or in any way make it worse?

I told you a long time ago that what people will want to know most from you will be about sex. That is a great and terrible need – not because people are all perverts but because people are confused. They need logic and sanity. And if anyone can give them that light and sanity it will be a woman who has seen God face-to-face and also has experience and understanding in the area of sex. This woman has the grace of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and this woman is you. I have anointed you to go forward and teach. The other women who will not understand, that is their problem, not yours. As you cast your seed upon the ground, many will not receive it, but some will. The younger generation will listen. The older, who have husbands and have been repressed all their lives, will resist your message. They are holding on to their resources and they fear losing their resources, which are men. They think if they loosen up their ideas about sex, they will lost their men. This is not a battle that you will win in one day, one week or year. This is a battle that will take you and everyone else who fights fifty to a hundred years to win totally. But that’s not a long time compared to five or ten thousand years of repression. Since the beginning of Patriarchy, when men started killing people wholesale, the world has been repressed. Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry. Do what you have to do, let the chips fall where they may.


I ask Our Lord about celibacy.

He say’s celibacy is another level. It’s not for everyone, but for those who can practice it, it’s a blessing.


I ask The Lord about what is the purpose of sex?

He says to listen carefully. It’s to bring two people together – two souls together so they can beget more spiritual children. Two souls can beget more spiritual children. (I say to Him that this sounds strange and unusual and I need more explanation.) He continues….Children of the flesh avail nothing. But if two souls get together and bring a soul into being who will end up in heave, then you have really accomplished something. What you do can be through physical sex or spiritual sex. Physical sex will bring a person to the earth whom you must guide to enter Heaven. But spiritual sex two souls have together would be spiritual love, agreement, mission and spiritual work by which souls cooperate to help others. And this is very beautiful and glorious and is called Divine Relationship. Divine Relationships are quite rare and beautiful and can be developed, but most people don’t have this and don’t work to have this. Sex exists on many levels, from the simplest for of the physical which does not do anything spiritual (although there is some spirituality there because all creation is spiritual)- but the ultimate meaning of sex is to bring children to God. Sex is not for bodies, it is for souls to come to God. Both physical and spiritual sex is to bring souls into Heaven.


Since sex is not evil or sinful, people ask me, then why am I celibate…How should I answer?

Celibacy is not for everyone. But it is for certain people who either can live with it because of biology, psychology or mental emotional reasons, or the person is called to holiness and sainthood in a super special way. Yes, God calls everyone, but few answer. The lifestyle of celibacy helps a person to galvanize, center, focus on their destiny. The lack of celibacy spreads a person’s mind out into all the hullabaloo associating with attracting sex partners. There are many complicated endeavors people pursue to be desired by the sex of their choice. Men and women do different things, but it takes time, energy and money to do these things. This applies even if you have one steady partner as you don’t want to slack off in being desirable to your partner.

But if you are married to God, all that is put aside. You do not have to be sexually attractive. You can cover up your body and your beauty does not have to be enhanced. It keeps you out of a lot of trouble. Even though sex is not always a sin, it can bring many pitfalls, many problems, tears, anxiety and depression. Anyone that has any logic will see the truth of this.


Dear Lord, the view of the CC and the view you are giving me is very different. When two people have love and sex together, how is it different than the love (seen symbolically and perhaps in actuality as sex) between the mortal and God, differ? To put it plainly, love/sex on earth and love/sex with God – How are these the same or not the same?

Love on earth brings the energy of the chakras into the heart – if it is real love – away from the genital organs. If it is not real love the heart does not expand or dilate. In those cases where there is no love, the energy stays in the genitals and it has no power except for orgasm. But perfect, Divine Love, which begets spiritual children, summons the energy into the Sahasrara. Then the Sahasrara and the heart work together to beget spiritual children, and there is no limit to what that person can do because God empowers that soul to beget children. This soul can then get souls out of Purgatory and save souls from going to Hell, and there is no limitation any more to the love of that person. There is a difference between the love of a holy soul that helps other souls, and the husband/wife souls who love each other truly and love their children and do right by their children. The holy soul is much more powerful and the love of the holy soul is unlimited, whereas the love of the family person – unless they be a holy soul – is still limited. When you go up beyond the heart that you ascend into the high reaches of spirituality.


In view of what you are saying, dear Lord, I want to get a fresh look at the grace you gave me of the Divine Stigmata. Here I was, in the highest place I could be, centered in the Sahasrara and had just enjoyed Mystical Marriage and seeing God face to face. Then my heart was dilated and expanded and broke and along with this everything I had spiritually (just about) was destroyed. I was left with cold, dry faith and all my Gifts and Fruits were taken away from me. I am asking for an explanation of this as long as we are on this subject.

If I have built a great castle, but I want to build another castle on the same spot, ten times bigger, I have to destroy the first castle; and that’s what happens with the Divine Stigmata. You were enjoying a taste of Heaven and you were living in an abstracted, liberated, exalted state of spirituality. You needed nothing of people from where you were at. It was the highest point you could reach. In order to allow you to have a greater mansion in Heaven, I had to break down this mansion through martyrdom. So I broke it down. I destroyed your mansion or castle. I burned it down, I crumbled it. I sent you into the shallows and wastes of human sense for most of eighteen years. When you emerged from it, I took you out of this crumbled state and rebuilt you, and in fact you are growing every day. I am building you a castle such as you never could imagine – much greater than what you had before.


Lord, when people check this site on sex and religion, what will be their worst confusion?

It will all depend on the intelligence of the ones looking at the site. The ones who are extremely intelligent and wise will understand. The ones who are murky in their thoughts have this anxiety about sex. They think if sex is not a sin except in matters of cruelty, then maybe we are being given the green light to go ahead and do sex willy nilly whenever and however we please. Just go ahead and indulge ourselves to the fullest at all times. But this is not what you or I are saying. Because sex is not a sin does not mean that we immediately give in to all our desires, and become as sexually active as our energy and time permit. Nothing of the sort. With all human interests you have to have discretion. Eating is not a sin, but overindulgence will make you fatter and fatter. The wrong food will make you ill. Something may not be a sin, but you do not have to be obsessed or addicted to it. You have to show some restraint in all your physical appetites. That will be the main misunderstanding that will occur.

The other thing is that a lot of people believe that the repressive churches teach – that all these things are a sin. But they simply think that they are too weak to refrain from all these sins. So they push the thought that that it is a sin to the back of their minds and they continue to indulge in what they think is sin, thinking someday they will stop when they are strong enough. They will be angry at you for saying it’s not a sin, even though they are doing it, because they believe it is a sin. This is a common situation of people’s minds. They will be angry because you have challenged their belief system and they will accuse you of teaching sin. Some homosexuals live a double life, because they agree with the church that homosexuality is a sin, but they cannot stop themselves. They pretend they are not homosexuals, and they feel fear and shame and might even condemn homosexuals and their sex in public. But they can’t stop. These are very sad people, and they need to be comforted.





Blessed Mother, would you like to say anything to the public concerning sex?

Note: The type of interviews that are being conducted here are not on the level of the highest vision, but on a simple vision where I rely on my union with Jesus and Mary in a normal waking state. In this state, the answers I receive are, shall we say, of the average accuracy. There are times when Jesus or Mary appear to me in sublime vision where my entire atmosphere fills with blue light, and they speak from that Light. During such times their words come from a sovereign power which seems to me to be infallible. In my dreams, when Jesus and Mary or other celestials appear to me and speak words of wisdom I take this super seriously. In the Blue Light state, or in the dream state, my conscious mind is quieted and the full spectrum of my mind is opened up more fully. Then I can receive their messages profoundly. I call the different states first class, second class or third class, of the visions I receive most often. (There are also higher visions called intuitive and abstractive visions which move into Glory. Here I am not speaking of visions in Glory but average intellectual and mystical visions.) I am simply saying that as I look at Jesus on the cross and speak with him, my interpretations are not infallible. The same with Holy Mary herein. I am trying to understand Her mind, but the interpretation may not be perfect and the vocabulary, in all such vision, is mine.

Mother Mary answers: As the Mother of the human race designated so by God. (And I AM truly their Mother in body and soul if they allow me to be.) My first concern is with their spiritual salvation – but I’m also deeply concerned with the safety of mortals, and especially with the safety of those most helpless and vulnerable and defenseless. First, the children, from the day they are conceived. Do not ever leave a child alone with a man. Do not leave anyone who is incapable of defending themselves with a man alone. Women have to face reality. Although fifty or more perfect of men would never think about having sex with a child, there are many that would. Statistics prove that many men do have sex with children. You cannot sort out which are the guilty and which are the innocent. That is a burden too great. The only thing you can do is never leave a child, or any defenseless person, alone with a man. Do whatever you have to do. If you have to take your child to work with you, you may have to do just that. There should be child care provided in all places of work, even the smallest of facilities. Males are not thoughtful or sensitive enough to nurture others. There are exceptions. Women, face reality. Do not play games with yourself, your mind and reality. You know instinctively and through experience how dangerous men are and how unpredictable and violent. As much as you don’t care for the company of other women, you must become friendly with one another for the sake of safety. You should travel not only in pairs, but in three and fours. The cities of the world, at night, do not have women on the streets at night except the women who work at night. You do not see women who are not working leisurely walking the city streets at night, because the streets are dangerous. If you had women friends in groups you’d be much safer. If one or two are attacked, others can get help. Usually men travel in ones and twos, so four women are rather difficult for them to overpower. Women walking around by night or even day can lead to rape, and stabbing and killing. I am concerned about women when they are dating men. When women are dating men, they should take precautions not to ride in the vehicle of a man they don’t know. You aren’t safe even with a man you’ve known, but with a new man you take great risk. To get into a stranger’s car on a date is asking for trouble. Even if he doesn’t rape you he may mentally and emotionally intimidate you. Meet men in public places. You do not know what demons are lurking inside of men, and especially if they are drinking. When you meet men in bars you are in great danger. At a flashpoint, a man who’s been drinking may go into a demonic rage and stab you, or at the very least, rape you. I understand all the things that you mortals understand. I understand what happens when women are alone with men at work, when you go on dates, and when you leave children or the defenseless alone with men. I know all these things. I see it from Heaven. I see it clearly and plainly. I ask you to love yourselves, to love your children, and to love those whom you can help. Do everything in your power to get along with other women so you can help one another and keep each other safe. Protect one another from the dangers that men present. If possible, arm yourselves with weapons that are safe for you and that you know how to use. In case a man attacks you, you have a fighting chance. It is repulsive for women to deal with weapons because they have no experience with them. But at the very least you could make yourself some home-made cayenne pepper with vinegar in a squeeze bottle which you can spray him in the face – and then be ready to run if you can. There are thousands of women who are attacked, and it can happen to anyone. The most vulnerable are the poor, who do not have their own transportation. Consider the situation of teenage girls, who are not given a car, while teenage boys are given one when parents can afford it. It’s the girl who needs it the most, because you are putting her into the hands of boys and men who use the car as a floating motel and a one-man prison house for women. Boys are also extremely dangerous drivers. Men are especially dangerous to young women. Parents, get a car for your daughter if you can afford one. She needs her freedom, her liberty. Don’t put her as a victim of men.

The safety factor is my absolute concern with sex. I am not worried about the pleasure people have when they are having sex, because people are seeking love. Beware of the dangers.

Also, before you go out into the streets at night (or anywhere) pray for protection. Pray to Jesus or myself and to your guardian angels. Stay close to God because God is your greatest weapon. If you stay close to God will prevent many atrocities from happening. And if you fall into a snare, or a pit, if you stay in prayer God will help you get out. Please be in a state of prayer at all times.


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