FEBRUARY 9, 2005


A short time ago someone sent me many hours of Elvis tapes; documentaries and performances. When I was ten years old, up until 12, Elvis was the love of my life. I think I loved him more than anyone I've ever loved! Later, this devotion paid off in that when Elvis died, God let me know in a dream (I was in Puerto Rico) and when Elvis ascended into Heaven about five years later, God also let me know. About a year ago, a saint came to me (many of the visits to Purgatory are escorted in and out by an angel or saint) and led me to Elvis in Heaven. Will talk about this in the Elvis story on the Purgatory page. In all these years, however, I have never been able to link to Elvis in the sense of hearing his voice speaking to me. I thought about it and I assume it is because since the age of 12, my mind has not been on him. He went his way - to the glory of stardom - and I went on my way, living my Purgatory on earth.

Since watching these many hours of Elvis tapes, however, I found that I had a fantastic link with Elvis, and I figured while I had him on the "line" I should find out all that I could from him. And so I did. I asked him numerous questions about his life, and about my own life, and I will share some of it with you.

First a bit about linking with a soul. I do not understand all of it, but I have learned some things about it. Your mind has to be on someone to link with that soul - almost always, but not always. They - that soul - can also link to you by their efforts and transmit a message to you. This linking applies to all souls, the living on earth, the living in Purgatory, and the living in Heaven. (I do not include the souls in Hell because I have never tried to link with them, although on rare occasions, they have communicated with me; the souls in general so I could see the fire they were trapped in, and one soul in particular, my first husband, so God could let me see his state.)

One lady wrote me chastising me for "speaking with the dead" and that "God" told her not to do that. She is obviously influenced by her Church's interpretation of Old Testament prohibitions. I explained to her these souls are not dead. They are as alive, or more so, than we are! When a person such as I am given a Gift by the Holy Spirit, Jesus or Mary, it is a Gift I am using - I am not dabbling through my own mind of the flesh.

Some of the things Elvis told me:
"You have the most beautiful wedding gown of any soul I've seen."

Rasa: "What do you mean by that? How many souls have you seen ascending into Heaven?...You mean you can see my gown now, even before I have ascended?"

Elvis: "Yes, I can see your soul now and it is the most beautiful I have seen. The garments (wedding garments) are made of Light. The colors are light yellow, light blue, white, and with streaks of red. I have seen about 500 souls, because God allows me to greet my fans as they ascend into Heaven. Most of the souls have a "gown" made primarily of light blue. (Here I am writing this by memory. I am not even trying to say the words the way Elvis said them. I am rewriting it and editing it. If I took off my audio tape exactly the way he said everything, it would take me hours. Every soul I contact has their own way of speaking and their own vocabulary. When you channel, you can speak it just the way they said it, or you can instantly edit it, get the meaning, and transmit it in your own words... right now I am doing this in my own words to save time.)

Rasa: "Please explain to me what these colors mean."
Elvis: The yellow - which there is the most of - are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The second most is blue, the Presence of God in your soul, the third is white, which is mostly from the heart down, to signify your purity of heart and celibacy. From your heart are coming streaks of wavy red light, like stripes, deep colored, and moving fast, signifying your Divine Stigmata. The Gold or yellow surrounds your head and your whole body like a halo, and emanates from you strongly. All these colors emanate from you or shine from your soul."

Rasa: "What makes it so beautiful or more beautiful than one color, let's say?"

Elvis: "It's the way it makes me feel when I look at it. I understand what you went through (and are still going through) - the love that is there, and the things God did for you in response to your obedience to grace. I see love, suffering, chastisement leading to grace,
I see a halo of a purified soul that is now gifted, not blocked by anything of the earth. I see streams of pain or self sacrifice that turned into a Gift that Jesus gave you, joining yourself to Him on the Cross. This is an unusual configuration of soul or wedding garment. This is not an ordinary soul that ascends into Heaven, even though all souls are beautiful when they ascend."

Rasa: "When you greet your fans how do you greet them?"

Elvis: "I am one of the many saints who do so. If they believed in Jesus and Mary, Jesus and Mary greet them. Whoever they believed in and loved greet them in Heaven, including relatives. If they were my true fans, I am one of the many saints that meets them, and we hug and kiss. If it's a guy, we more or less shake hands and hug. It's a great feeling for me and for them... I really love my fans... I did then and I do now. Tell them I'm helping them from Heaven if they want me, need me, and love me. I am here for them. Call on me - I won't take them to Heartbreak Hotel. I won't break their hearts or disappoint them."

Rasa: "On a scale of one to ten, how true of a fan of yours was I when I was a child?"

Elvis: "You were an 11! You gave all that your heart could give at the time. You loved me totally and completely, more than you had ever loved before."

Rasa: "What were you rewarded for the most, and what were you punished for the most?"

Elvis: "My generosity and the drugs."

Rasa: "How did the drugs start, and where?"

Elvis: "I couldn't live without my Mother. When I went into the army I met some evil guys who turned me onto drugs, and I never got over them. They continued and got worse and led to my demise."

Rasa: "Why could you not quit?"

Elvis: "Because I did not have the strength. I was weak, but I pretended I was strong. Everyone around me was dependent on me, and could not tell me what to do. Nobody led me or could lead me to go to a clinic or anything. They were all in denial, and those who understood, could not make me go into rehab. There was no one who could control or guide me and I was lost. I was like a leader with all yes men and women around me, pretending to be my own man and know the answers, and all that. I was a lost little boy crying for his Mamma."

Rasa: "Could not Priscilla or your Dad help you on that?"

Elvis: "It would have taken a real savvy person to help me. Priscilla was younger than me and looked up to me for a while. Then later, she grew bored and irritated with me, with good cause. Maybe I felt the same way about her, and I cheated.

I did not look to her as an authority and if she tried to make me go to a clinic, I would not have done it. Although I was a dependent personality - that is - I needed someone strong to guide me - there was no one like that around me. I did not look to my Dad as an authority. Col. Parker was an authority, but only in my career. He didn't mess with my private life. Everyone around me just looked to me for money and gifts and being a leader. I was not a leader in all things - only in show business entertainment. I was a lead singer, a performer. But in day to day life, I could have used some help. My Mamma was gone and I didn't know what to do. It was like I was all alone without an anchor to rely on, everyone looking to me."

Rasa: "But what about your faith? Was it not strong? Why did you not rely on Our Lord?"

Elvis: "My faith was there, but it was a faith not quite like your own. Your faith is something you practice day and night. You always have. I did not practice my faith, so I did not have the strength of my faith. I sang gospel songs, and that is a form of prayer. But I did not get down on my knees enough to The Lord and beg Him for help. If I had got down on my knees daily in prayer, that is the only way I could have beaten my habit. If I had cried tears of regret to The Lord, and raised my hands to Him in prayer, and begged Him to help me, He would have. Maybe once or twice I did that, but you have to do it every day. I was too busy figuring out how to get more drugs, what kind of drugs instead of praying for deliverance from them. Like I said, I was lost."

Rasa: "How much of the five plus years in Purgatory was spent as cleansing for the drugs?"

Elvis: "About half my time, about 2 1/2 years was for the drugs. The rest was for mostly pride and ego."

Rasa: "What about the illicit sex and adultery?"

Elvis: "That was not a big issue with God. Say only one or two months for that. You see, I was very generous with the women I went out with. They gained a lot from me. I didn't use them."

Rasa: "That's a good point! How many men just use women for their bodies, use and abuse them!"

Elvis: "I never used women."

Rasa: "What are you most joyful about when you look back on your life?"

Elvis: "I'm really glad I gave most of my money away before I died, because that really helped me where I'm at now. I have a good place in Heaven."

Rasa: "How high up are you compared to a saint, like St. Joan of Arc?"

Elvis: "If Joan of Arc is ten feet tall, I am less than half. But that is justice. Don't think I'm not happy! No one here wants more than what they have. Whatever they deserved is given them and they have no envy or regret."

Rasa: "The many people around you, did they love you or mostly use you?"

Elvis: " It was some of that for all of them - loving and using. Some only used me with no love at all, only envy. The majority, say 60%, just wanted what I had, and that's including my Dad. You were upset about the way he talked about me and my Mamma. That was a lie. He imagined that out of his dirtiest imagination. He was kind of low minded. (His Dad said Elvis had sex with his Mom, so it said in a tabloid written by Dad's wife.) My Mother was a sacred issue with me, and Dad should not have tried to spoil it."

Rasa: "About the people around you? Any love, like the love of your fans?"

Elvis: "Nothing like that. My fans wanting nothing out of me but a kiss. They just wanted to be close for a few minutes. But those I hired and had around me, you understand, I had to pay everyone off. And I did pay everyone off, or they would have turned against me. Envy turns to hate very quickly. As soon as those three guys were let go, they wrote a hateful book about me. That was one of the greatest pains of my life. You have no idea how it hurt. I was afraid and ashamed. I didn't want my fans to know I was so weak. My secret was out. What would my fans think of me? What would Col. Parker think of me? If I could have stopped it, I would have, but even then, I couldn't. I think I needed even more drugs after that book came out."

Rasa: "Did they write it to help you wake up, to make money, or out of revenge, or what?"

Elvis: "It was strictly out of revenge, because I wasn't paying them off. They'll pay, if they haven't already. Revenge is a terrible sin. I never took revenge on anyone."

Rasa: "Any more thoughts for right now, Elvis?"
Elvis: "Keep doing what you're doing on your Church. It'll all come out. I wish I had done more religious stuff, but I was too messed up. I did what I could. Don't give up. Try and stay upbeat. Dance. You like to dance and it makes you feel good. I like the way you dance to "Polk Salad Annie."

Rasa: "Thank you, Elvis. I love you."

Elvis: "I love you, too."

Rasa: "One last question. If any of your fans really close to God had prayed hard for you every day, could that have saved you from drugs?"

Elvis: "Here we come to a very important problem on earth. Why don't people pray more? Instead of being scandalized and disgusted with me, why couldn't my fans get on their knees and pray for me? It would have helped! But the problem is, people don't want to self sacrifice. It takes a sacrificing person to get on their knees, night after night, and pray for someone, and not even get the credit. Tell my fans this: If they know of anyone in trouble, don't scorn them. Pray for them. Pray hard for others. People may not thank you or give you credit, but you will get so much out of God for that! Tell my fans to pray!"

Rasa: "OK, Elvis, I told them."

Elvis: "I hope your site reaches a lot of people!"


I will have more information on what Elvis told me in his section in "Purgatory" - "The Elvis Story."


Rasa Von Werder
February 9, 2005




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