MARCH 21, 2005


Rasa of the Mystical Heart has asked me to write this letter recommending her to you, as your guru. She has been my guru for over twenty years.

Many years ago, in 1978, I saw a picture of Rasa in a newspaper, where she was preaching. Her message was extremely important and timely. This is how first saw her. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am from India, and one of my grandfathers was English, so I am part English and part Indian.

I was only sixteen when I first saw Rasa's picture and a strange feeling entered my soul. I was born a psychic, with the unbroken veil or bag of waters surrounding me, when I was born. My psychic senses are very acute at times, and when I saw the picture of Rasa in an American newspaper, preaching in front of the White House, God said to me,

"This woman is great. She has just given the sermon that will prevent war between Russia and the United States, (which would have dire consequences for the world.) You will see her again. She is your guru."

I searched for her for years on the out-of-town magazine rack, and one day I found another article. But it gave no address. I searched again and again, and finally found her address, and wrote her. She answered me, and we began a correspondence. In those days she was working under a different name.

During the years I have known her, we have gotten more and more close. She was not the woman as depicted in the newspapers and magazines, but totally different. I gathered that she was as if an "undercover agent" of God, or God hidden in a secret place, where no one would suspect God was really there, and she could get into the press where others could not, speaking God's messages. I saw great mystery here, and it enthralled me.

I asked Rasa for a picture of her I could use for meditation, and she gave me one. I began to sit in front of it and meditate, feeling strange at first, because Hindu gurus look so different. But then, things began to happen. I had many mystical experiences, dreams and revelations. I was getting closer to God. After ten years of meditation on her photograph, I achieved Nirvikalpa Samadhi or what is known as Nirvana in Buddhism. I saw a vision, after many preliminary visions over the years, of God and all of the Universe as one. I saw Brahman, Shiva and Shakti, Vishnu, and Atman, the God within me, first as separate. I also saw Rasa there with rose light streaming out of her heart and a golden halo, directing my way. After she directed me, the entire picture came together, and all the parts of God became one vision, and I also was a part of the vision, and I knew God and I were One.

I really wanted to meet Rasa, and when my parents decided to go to America, I did get to meet her in New York City. Since that time, I have been coming to meet her almost every year and spend some time with her for a few weeks.

Since I am a psychic she wanted me to share with you what I see for her future.

First, she is going to have incredible fame and fortune, because her life story is going to be made into a book and great movie. At that time, she will have more people approaching her than she can handle. She will need a group of devotees to stand between her and all those wanting to meet her. The reason there will be so many people is because the movie will be so great and famous, and second, her life story is so unique it is like no other that has ever been lived.

Rasa is looking to move to a cosmopolitan place, like Los Angeles, and she will use her money to build a spiritual center and do this kind of work. There is much to be done. The world is full of darkness, and she is an Avatar, sent by God, to save others.

I predict that her ashram and order will gain prominence throughout the world, and will never die out. It is just what the world needs at this time. When she leaves the earth, her legacy will continue. There will be many books, movies, and her religion will continue throughout the ages. The religion she teaches is a combination of what Jesus really taught, along with yoga and female empowerment. Her message is what God wants preached in the world today, as a remedy for many of its ills. She did not invent anything, but is simply the embodiment of God's will at this time.

For those of you who do not understand the importance of a guru it is this: The guru brings you to God, in a way that you cannot do yourself. The guru has powers you do not yet have, and these powers, of the Holy Spirit or Shakti, as Virtues and Gifts, are transmitted to you when you make yourself worthy. To find all the steps of becoming worthy you have to read the literature. You must have faith and love, and you must have some kind of contact with your guru, be it mental, spiritual, physical and all of that.

As for me, Rasa will always be my guru and I am planning to spend as much time with her as I can. When she opens up her ashram (monastery, center), I will spend months at a time there, and I hope to open an ashram for her here in India. With the help of God's grace, all is possible!

Jai Guru! Sri Sri Sri Guru! Jai Kali, Jai Shiva and Shakti! Jai Brahman, Vishnu and Jai Atman as the Blue Pearl and Blue Person! Jai Rasa, my Guru! She has brought me to God!



Swami Anandanaya
March 21, 2005





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