Rasa Von Werder asks that all women who are of the Faith would say The Holy Mass at home for themselves, their loved ones, and the Souls in Purgatory.

The Mass illustrated in these texts are quick versions of the one you see in Church, thereby allowing you to say multiple Masses daily. Rasa says eight Masses a day in a row, and they only take 20 minutes.

Why should you wait upon someone else to do something that you can do yourself? The priests want you to believe that only they say the proper Mass. If what they're saying is true, then no Mass but the Catholic Mass would be valid. Jesus Christ told Rasa that He wants women priests and the requirements of a valid Mass are up to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother.

Since Rasa believes that Jesus and Mary are equal and both incarnations of God, and they suffered equally in The Passion, she honors and summons both of them in this special Mass of MotherGod Church. If you wish to say the Mass consecrating Jesus alone, that is perfectly all right.






• Any type of bread (broken into as many pieces as Masses you will say) Rasa uses flour tortillas cut with scissors.

• Plain Water (you do not have to use wine or alcohol), because Jesus Christ can change water into wine.

• A table

• A bottle for your water

• Two saucers or plates of some type.


For each Mass you will fill up your glass or goblet with water, and one piece from your bread on one saucer. Rasa keeps one saucer with the bread on the left, and one bottle of water on the right. With each Mass she fills her goblet with a little water, and takes one small piece of bread and puts it on the special saucer. Rasa sits as she says The Mass. Remember that Jesus and His followers reclined, not stood at the table. Remember that they also ate the Passover first, then did Holy Communion. The rules dictated by the Catholic Church do not have to apply to us.

Rasa has the Cross of Jesus with the Corpus on it, and a statuette of Mary in front of her as she says The Mass. There are also porcelain flowers under The Cross.





Look at Jesus and Mary and say,
"Jesus and Mary, you are all Holiness, the fountains of all Holiness. Please let your Spirit come upon these gifts and make them Holy, so that they may become the Body and Blood of Jesus and Mary."

As you say "Body & Blood" make the sign of The Cross over the elements. At that moment understand that the elements will transform into the Spiritual DNA of Jesus and Mary.

Look at the Lord and say,

"Before you were given up to Death, (a death you freely accepted) you took the bread, you broke the bread, you gave the bread to your Disciples and said, "Take this all of you and eat It, this is my Body which shall be given up for you""

Lift the body of the Lord on high and gaze at it for about 7 or more seconds. Put It back down on the saucer. Now look at the goblet and say,

"When supper was ended you took the cup, you gave the cup to your Disciples and said, (hold the cup in your hands as you say this) "Take this all of you and drink from It. This is cup of my Blood. It will be shed for you and for all, so sins may be forigven. Do this in memory of Me." "

Lift the goblet or cup high in front of you and hold it for 7 or more seconds gazing at it, reverently. Put it back down. Now pick up the morsel of bread which is now Holy Communion and say while looking at it lovingly,

"The Body of Jesus and Mary”….Jesus and Mary I am not worthy of receiving you, but just say the word and I will be healed. "

Consume the Body of Jesus and Mary reverently. Now look at the goblet and say,

"This is the Blood of Jesus and Mary. May the Body and Blood of Jesus and Mary bring us to Everlasting Life."

You have now consecrated and consumed the body and blood of Jesus and Mary, and you thank Them for assisting the Souls in Purgatory, or for any other person whom you dedicated The Mass to. You kiss the table reverently, and you meditate with love on what Jesus and Mary have given us. If you are going to say more Masses, start again and say as many as you wish.

At the end of each Mass when you kiss the table say,


"Jesus and Mary, thank you for letting me say your Holy Mass."






By participating in the holy Mass, you participate in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ each time. You also participate in the interior death and the spiritual resurrection of Blessed Mary each time. You are given all that is fine and Holy, righteous and powerful. You receive all the merits of Jesus and Mary, and all the benefits and blessings of the Christian Church. The Lord has defeated Satan through the Cross, and by participating in the Mass we reaffirm his defeat again and again. We also annihilate Satan's presence in our lives. We send demons back to the pit and we command them to remain there every time the Mass is said. We liberate ourselves and our loved ones from evil and from the effects of evil with the Holy Mass.




Through the Holy Mass we receive all that is good and bountiful. We receive all healing, health, and virtues. We receive Grace, and Light, Faith, Hope, and Charity. We receive all the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit to some degree. What we receive depends to what degree our hearts and minds are open to the Lord and Holy Mary, and to God who sent Them. We do remarkable things for the Souls in Purgatory by participating in the Mass.




In late 1981, Rasa was working trying to get Women into the Priesthood. She could not get anywhere with the women, because most of the sided with the Catholic Church. The ones who agreed (that women should be priests) were not willing to fight or help Rasa. She became exasperated. She thought, "Maybe I'm wrong and the Catholic Church is right?" She prayed to the Lord, "Lord, do you want women to be priests, or do you want women to not be priests? Give me a sign."

The next day she was all alone in the old gothic Church for the early Mass. A never before seen priest walked up to the altar and began saying Mass. He was young middle age with black-rimmed glasses, attractive. There was a look upon his face of kind benevolence. When it came time for Holy Communion, Rasa walked from the back of the Church where she was to the altar rail, knelt down, put her head low, and waited for the approach of the priest. Minutes passed. She looked up, the priest was standing still behind the altar. In a loving and gallant way, he beckoned Rasa to come up to the altar. His hands were outstretched and palms open, as if to say, “Come”.

Rasa stood up slowly, trying to understand the meaning of this call. When she got up to the altar, the priest inferred by gesture for her to stand next to him, at which time her gave her the Body of Christ. Then he offered her the Blood of Christ from the Chalice, which at that time was not always given to the public. Rasa drank the Blood of Christ, and walked back slowly to her seat not feeling the floor underneath her. The Majesty and awe of the situation had put her into a trance. The Mass ended, and Rasa walked outside. Suddenly she understood. It was the Lord! He had answered her prayer. He wanted women priests!




If you would like to say the Long Mass the way it is said in the Catholic or Episcopal Churches, you are welcome to do so. Borrow the missal from the Church and follow what it says. This will take about 45 minutes. This long version might be interesting for your weekly, or “family & friends” service. It would be delightful to have your children do the Reading, and even the Gospel. Your associates in Christ might feel closer to Him and Mary when they participate actively. Take the Mass into your own hands!

When Rasa first started saying the Mass in the year 2000, she said the long version, which took her about an hour a day. She started to procrastinate, frequently running out of time for the Mass and began neglecting the Holy Mass. She knew there had to be an answer for the Souls in Purgatory to whom she is so devoted. She prayed, and tried the short version of the Mass and realized that it went by so quickly that eventually she worked up to eight Masses a day. With this new method, she never fails to do this One Greatest Act for Souls. Jesus and Mary appeared to her from the beginning, ratifying her Mass. They appear to her again, ratifying the abridged version. More souls than ever are being helped by Rasa’s Masses, and that’s the whole idea.




When you hear about someone dying whom you are concerned with, or if a Soul from Purgatory appears to you, it is a good idea to begin a series of Gregorian Masses. This simply means that you say Mass for that soul every day for thirty days Even if the soul appears to you as having suddenly ascended into Heaven, finished the Masses because God sometimes lets the soul rise up from a sort of credit knowing your good intention, and instead of waiting for all the Masses to end, God let’s them into Heaven.