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book: attainment of the divine stigmata Title: Attainment of the Divine Stigmata (manuscript)
Circa: 1988
Product #: A-1
Price: $20.00 USD

Description: The Divine Stigmata is probably the highest grace which a Christian can receive. It is so mysterious, that we do not know of any work that explains what exactly it is. In this first work on the Stigmata which Rasa of the Mystical Heart received in 1982 she attempts, through a glass darkly, to understand it’s meaning, and also gives the journal of the day by day experience of it. Many years have transpired since Oct. 9th, 1982. Today Rasa Von Werder recollects the mystery, it’s aftermath, and it’s meaning. Her knowledge is not empowered by books because there are no books, but it is straight from God through dreams and vision.

Available for free in MS Word Format: Right Click to download

meaning of the divine stigmata Title: The Meaning of the Divine Stigmata (3 audio tapes)
Circa: 2003 & 2004
Product #: A-2
Price: $20.00 USD

Description: Rasa Von Werder is attempting to crack the code of the divine stigmata. Most treasured of all graces in the Catholic Church. It is terrible and beautiful, like the Cross of our Lord. Saint Gertrude the Great, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Francis of Assisi, Theresa Newman, Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint Padre Pio, our sum of the great stars of Christianity who bore this grace. It comes in two forms, visible and invisible. The physical is debilitating, and sometimes causes early death. The invisible is a pain as deep as the Grand Canyon, opening the Heart Chakra to a place of such extremity that the spiritual system cannot bear it. At that point the heart is completely broken and shattered and cannot function for a long time. A mystic loses all the gifts she or he once had. It took Rasa of the Mystical Heart 18 years of the torturous absence of God to recover from the Stigmata. This is called the Dark Night of the Soul, and it is also a dry martyrdom. There are no adequate books on the Stigmata within the Catholic Church because the grace is so rare it has not been studied adequately. We will present to you an ongoing revelation of the meaning of this greatest grace of Christianity.
book: is sex a sin? Title: Is Sex a Sin - Advice to Celibates (2 audio tapes)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-3
Price: $15.00 USD

Description: One of the greatest interests in life (for many people) is sex. But sex seems to clash with religion. If you want to start arguments, heated discussions, and emotional reactions, bring up the subject of sex. You will conjure up responses like denial, prudishness, condemnation, nervous laughter, etc. Have you ever heard an intelligent sermon on sex from the pulpit? This may just be the wisest analysis of sex and celibacy you have ever heard. It took the author between many years of experience, study, and revelation to put the sense into these audio tapes.
book: matriarchy versus patriarchy Title: Matriarchy VS Patriarchy (2 audio tapes - 90 minutes)
Circa: 1998, 2004
Product #: A-4
Price: $10.00 USD

Description: There is a clear cut argument for female supremacy. So why are women second class citizens? And since they are, what can be done about it? Men are afraid of women, and women are afraid of men. Men fear women taking over, and women fear violence and death at the hands of men. Is the world going to continue as it is or, are we headed for a world where women rule? Many conflicting opinions preside. Rasa believes along with the futurists that every sign is saying, "Matriarchy is coming". It seems like spiritual predictions, biology, and technology are all saying the same thing
book: empowerment of women in religion Title: The Empowerment of Women in Religion / Is There Freedom of Speech for Women (90 minutes)
Circa: 2003
Product #: A-5
Price: $10.00 USD

Description: God has been speaking to Rasa Von Werder for many years about the empowerment of women. The first divine revelation that she had in 1971 was,

"The devil rules the world, and he works through men."

What did this mean? After some years of reflection she understood that Patriarchy was the invention of Satan. And it was his conspiracy to bring destruction to humankind. In the first lecture, RVW speaks how patriarchal religion has disabled women and what women can do about it. In the second lecture she asks, do women have freedom of speech and if they don't, why not? How do men benefit from the repression of women and institutionalized sexism? How did society convince men and women that women are either sex objects or breeding objects and nothing else? These are hard questions with hard answers.

book: creed, doctrine, and theology of mothergod church Title: Some Comments on the Creed, Doctrine & Theology of MotherGod Church (90 minutes)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-6
Price: $7.00 USD

Description: What is our religion all about? It is Matriarchal, it embodies Yoga, and it contains beliefs about Jesus and Mary that are contrary to Christianity. Listen to how we are different, and how we are the same.
book: what's wrong with vatholic priests Title: What is Wrong with Catholic Priests (70 minutes)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-7
Price: $7.00 USD

Description: Priests see evil all around them while portraying themselves as holy, innocent Saints. They talk about the evils of pornography, illicit sex, people shacking up, they talk about materialism, and why only men can rule religion. It's about time that some serious person or organization would stand up to them and square off. There's much more to this situation than reviling them for abusing children. Let's face the big picture. The creed of the Catholic Church against women, the doctrine that says women cannot be priests when opened to the light of scrutiny falls apart quickly. They think they are the embodiment of Jesus Christ, and women (and therefore men?) are the brides of Christ. The truth is that all of us who are united with Jesus on His Cross are the Brides of Christ, priests, if any, included. The flaws in their theology have to be addressed, and they are brought into the open here.
book: spiritual poverty

Title: Spiritual Poverty (manuscript)
Circa: 1983
Product #: A-8
Price: $5.00 USD

Description: After Rasa of the Mystical Heart received the Divine Stigmata, she suffered a loss of the presence of God for eighteen years. She lost all the gratuitous gifts that she had been given to her by the Holy Spirit, retaining only those gifts she needed for her Salvation. You might say the software that she used to communicate with God had been taken away from her, not because she had sin but because she prayed for the greatest gift a Christian could receive. Both her heart and her mind were almost completely burned out with the struggle that this grace required. For eighteen years she suffered spiritual darkness, bereft of understanding, not knowing if and when the light would come back. This small book is about six months after the shock of the Stigmata, when her mind could only register one thing, the sense of total poverty. She understood how Jesus felt when he said,

"My God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

She could see the wisdom, and the goodness of poverty and it is explained very well in this booklet.

book: christian yoga Title: Christian Yoga (13 -90 min. audio tapes)
Circa: 2003-2004
Product #: A-9
Price: $89.00 USD

Description: When Rasa studied Yoga, and a great Saint named Baba Muktananda was downloading grace into her brain every night for two and a half months, she entered into the Essence of Yoga. Then she saw that Jesus was the embodiment of a great Yoga Guru. The fact that he understood that He and God were one is pure Yoga. The fact that he knew that his disciples had to become one with him to enter the kingdom is pure Yoga. Eastern Gurus have been teaching this for thousands of years before Jesus. There are records in Tibet of Jesus' presence during his lost years, preaching, teaching, and healing. Everything about Jesus within Yoga makes logical sense. His male disciples didn't get it. They thought Jesus was the infinite God, and the rest of us....mere mortals. But Jesus taught that the kingdom of God us within us, and self-realization is understanding that. He understood it, and he wanted us to understand it. This is Yoga.
book: where we stand Title: Where We Stand (40 min. audio tape)
Circa: 2002
Product #: A-10
Price: $7.00 USD

Description: Jesus appears to his chosen souls, one of them is Rasa Von Werder. He told her in 2002 the future of religion. He explained how people would cling to the past, but Rasa must help them look to the future. The old order, the old cage has comfort, security, and familiarity. New thinking sometimes breaks through in ways that don't seem pleasant. Get ready for the new age where MotherGod and the blessed Virgin Mary will shake Patriarchy to it's foundations. This is what Jesus wants.
book: evils of the catholic church

Title: The Evils of the Catholic Church (40 min. audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-11
Price: $7.00 USD

Description: If you think Borgia Popes, crusades, inquisition, and sexual abuse of children is all that is wrong with the Catholic Church, think again. Rasa explains how the Catholic Church has institutionalized sexism, and where once it's brutality was physical, today it is psychological, financial, and doctrinal. The Catholic Church is almost as evil today as it was when they were torturing and killing people, only their evil has taken different forms.

book: lying, cheating, stealing priests

Title: The Lying, Cheating, Stealing Priests / The Shocking Reasons Priests Don't Want Women Ordained (60 min. audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-12
Price: $10.00 USD


Lying, Cheating, Stealing Priests: Priests who enter their sacred vocation with no intention of keeping their vows are lying to themselves and the Church and the public. They are cheating God, the Church and the public, and they are stealing positions away from men and women who are righteous and honorable. They masquerade as messengers of God, but underneath the mask is all that is ugly. Rasa unmasks their evil.

The Shocking Priests Don't Want Women Ordained: In the days of slavery, many people of justice and love fought against discrimination to help those who could not help themselves. Honorable people of both the North and the South wanted black people to be free. Why have not the priests of the Catholic Church done anything whatsoever to stop the ostracism of women. Is it because they have turned the Catholic Church into a pleasure ground, a private men's club for homosexuals and child abusers.

book: patriarchy's dirtiest secret

Title: Patriarchy's Dirtiest Secret (40 min. audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-13
Price: $7.00 USD

Description: The nuclear family was invented to put women and their children in a place of vulnerability, isolation, and bondage. It gives men the power and the freedom, and women a situation of captivity. Why do men beat up wives and abuse children? Because they can. In a nuclear family, he takes a woman away from protection and resources. Satan knew what he was doing when he invented the nuclear family.

book: what's wrong with health & wealth preachers?

Title: What is wrong with the Health & Wealth Preachers? (30 min. audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-14
Price: $5.00 USD

Description: Did Jesus preach that if we are right with God that we should all be healthy, wealthy, and blissful everyday? This is what some prosperity preachers are saying. Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor, the meek, and the humble, to take up your cross and follow him." Some of these preacher are so insane that they are saying you have to be wealthy to serve Jesus. Rasa speaks about this, one of the most heinous doctrines of some Protestants. These Protestants think that abundant life means the mansion on the hill, the fancy car, and a hundred thousand a year, or more. Rasa says, "Pooh-bah!"

book: how to beat the world, the fleash, and the devil

Title: How to Beat the World, the Flesh, and the devil / How Demons Attack & Life is a Battle for Good
( 2 - 40min lectures on audio tape)

Circa: 2004
Product #: A-15
Price: $10.00 USD

Description: You can't have all of the things of the world....and God. Something has to give, and it shouldn't be God! The pleasures we have on Earth are temporary and quickly disappear. God is forever, put your strength in God.

lessons for life: duking it out w/ the devil

Title: Lessons for Life - Duking it Out With the devil ( 2 - 40min lectures on audio tape)

Circa: 2004
Product #: A-15
Price: $10.00 USD

Description: This books deals with how to program your mind for Happiness, and asks the question, "Are the wealthiest people on Earth the luckiest people on Earth?" The utility of suffering, pain and hardship. Resisting the evils around us.

The most precious thing you have - Your mind and how to use it. What you do with your mind determines whether you rise or fall; if you go to Heaven or Hell. It also determines if you are a winner or loser on Earth. Discipline your mind.

book: diary of a street minister

Title: Diary of a Street Minister ( 4 - 90min lectures on audio tape)
Circa: 2002
Product #: A-16
Price: $36.00 USD

Description: RVW discovered that preaching on the street is a battleground. You are not preaching to the choir. You are preaching to people who are jews, muslims, devil worshippers, and atheists. There are those who would like to beat you up and push you in front of a car. THere are those who chase you screaming, and those who want to argue with you for hours. All you are trying to do is bring God's love to this disparate group. She learned more of two and a half months street preaching, a total of 42 hours than she learned in 10 years from books and sermons. She also saw which group was in the most desperate need of help, young women 16-21 are in despair, and do not know where to turn for help. This was one of the hardest things that RVW ever did, and she is grateful that it is behind her and she had the guts to do it.

Title: Contemplation - The Better Part ( 8 - 90min lectures on audio tape)
Circa: 2003
Product #: A-17
Price: $46.00 USD

Description: Jesus said to Martha while Mary Magdalene sat at his feet,

"Martha, you are worried about so many things. Mary has the better part, and it will not be taken away from her."

This was an edict saying contemplation is superior to the active life, even when activity is for the Lord. And so contemplation is of the utmost importance, and we should all try to receive it. Although we cannot attain contemplation by our own efforts, because it is 100% a grace from God, we can prepare for it, because contemplation will not come to a soul that is unprepared. In this series Rasa talks about Christian and Eastern meditation and contemplation, she talks about PERFECTION, ANNIONTING, CHAKRAS, VISIONS, REVELATIONS, KRIJAS, SELF-REALIZATION, PHYSICS, HEALTH, and LIFESTYLE. She also quotes many anecdotes, observations, and experiences on the life of a soul seeking God. She goes deeply into the defense of Yoga and Buddhism against ignorant Catholics who are criticizing the same on EWTN.

book: women battling...

Title: Women Battling for Liberation / Casualties, Battling Depression, Healing Wounds ( 2 - 30min lectures on audio tape)
Circa: 2002
Product #: A-17
Price: $10.00 USD

Description: Women Battling for Liberation: We must work for God not ego, if we want to win. Patriarchy will not reward us, and if we work for applause, despair may come. Women do not have to leave the Catholic Church, but they must take control of it! ... Who is trying to take away our integrity and freedom?

Description: Casualties, Battling Depression, Healing Wounds: We need the weapons to pull down strongholds of Satan and sexism. Bad ideas darken minds and make us think negative thoughts. Depression, fear, and self-hatred are put upon us by oppressors, but we must break free and fly!
book: how to win on heaven & earth

Title: How to Win on Earth and in Heaven ( 1 - 60min lecture on audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-18
Price: $10.00 USD

Description: This audio tape covers: people who mistake kindness for weakness - people who don't respond or reciprocate to good deeds - laws of God and Earth are different (spiritual people can be Earthly winners) - psychopaths and how to deal with them - criticism, constructive and destructive; when to listen, when not to - rebukes, chastisements, good or bad? - discipline - we cannot change people (rarely and little)

book: patriarchal cults, avenging angel
book: avenging angel

Title: Patriarchal Cults / Avenging Angel ( 1 - 25min lecture & 1 - 45min lecture on audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-19
Price: $10.00 USD

Patriarchal Cults: Has anyone noticed all of the destructive, suicidal, insane, bizarre, and weird cults have all been headed by men. RVW talks about many cases she heard about from Jim Jones to Roland Robidoux.

Avenging Angel: If you ever see, in a dream, a cop with a butcher knife and he is going to kill you, it is probably an Avenging Angel. This is what happened to RVW recently, and she reviews what little she knows about the Avenging Angel. They come as a grave warning to change something in your life. You may think you are perfect with God, but you are not God and God gives you a wake up call through an angel. LISTEN!

book: how to be free so you can see god

Title: How to be Free so You Can See God ( 1 - 30min lecture on audio tape)
Circa: 2004
Product #: A-20
Price: $5.00 USD

Description: If you want to fly, you have to clean your wings. Birds wash, groom, pick at, and dry their wings in order to fly. In the same way we have to cleanse our minds and hearts of attachments that keep us from being the pure in heart who see God.

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