As some of you may know that I have a vital ministry to Purgatory (where souls get cleansed before ascending into Beatific Vision) and that occasionally, I am privy to the ascension of a celebrity soul. Today I am happy to announce to you that a former friend of mine, Dr. Robert Atkins, ascended into Heaven. I saw it in a dream.




I was invited to a gala party at Dr. Atkins' apartment with a good number of people. His wife was there and very nice to me. Robert himself came close to me, but did not speak to me directly. He sat in front of me wearing a woman's dress (But did not look foppish or anything. It is just customary that all souls entering Heaven wear the appropriate garb of "bride" of God. You understand, all souls are passive to God and God is "aggressor" so soul is the bride. It is simple symbolic terminology.)

As he sat in front of me, he was talking to someone else and was no more than a foot from me. The dress he wore was black sort of thin and crinkly but very beautiful. (The black denotes something secretive or unknown to me regarding his state.) The party was wonderful and the people extremely warm and friendly, especially his wife. A super rich crowd, I was on my p's and q's as far as behavior and dress.




I could not find the exact death date on Dr. Atkins although I made a thorough search. The closest I could find was late 2002 or early 2003. He was supposedly born in 1930, but my personal opinion is that it was probably 1920 or "25, as I met him in 1980 and went out with him, and he appeared older than 50 (although quite handsome) at the time.


Lest you might get the wrong impression, there was no sex. I had taken a vow of celibacy in 1978 (although at that time, I never told anyone and they thought I was available. Most men shun you if they know you are celibate.) I met Dr. Atkins while looking for some medical advice (on which he was no help.) He was attracted to my beautiful body and tried to touch my breast, which I restrained him from. He was flustered and sat down from the shock of this. He said,

"I am a doctor!"

I don't recall what I said, but that touching my breast was irrelevant or something like that. Later, as I sat in the lobby waiting for the result of the 'hypoglycemia' test, he came out sheepishly to talk to me. He asked me if I would be interested in producing a chapter in his next book on 'bodybuilding.' I figured this was just a pick-up line and I played along with it. Speaking of sheepish, he had a huge gray sheepdog, which stayed in the office with him (points for loving animals.)


He took me for a lovely dinner in an Indian restaurant. I can't for the life of me recall what we talked about, except that he said, 'I hope you don't have a gun,' referring to the recent shooting of Dr. Tarnower by a lady friend.

Just a joke, of course.

I had picked him up at his swanky digs on Sutton Place and somewhere have a polaroid of me sitting on his couch. I was wearing a wine-colored knitted dress, very pretty. His apartment was huge, probably costing like $10,000. a month or something at the time. Today it would be double. He told me his offices cost him over $50,000. a month. Did you get that? A month, not year. And he added,

"It's working out fine."

I was tempted to look in his refrigerator to see if he kept his own diet, but resisted the temptation.


He showed me all his paintings, (which were for sale, he being some sort of collector/dealer) including the large original over the bed in his bedroom (no we did not lie on his bed) which I had seen in Playboy - a beautiful nude woman with a giant orangutan. I felt this was in bad taste. I asked him why the paintings he had were so dreary, and he said,

"Ugly is what sells,"

...or something like that.

After the dinner, I shocked him again by not returning to his place, but insisted on immediately taking a cab home. He acted like,


'What have I done wrong?'


The next visit, he decided to come to my apartment, the six-floor walkup in Brooklyn. He did not bring his dog as he said,


"I know he won't make it up the stairs."

I cooked salmon and we kibitzed - again - it was so long ago I hardly know what we talked about. I just know I showed him my photo albums, publicity and the like.


There was not much more to this. I was 'turned on' by Robert because of his celebrity - it was not true love. That is why, in the dream, there is no intimacy. In the dream I kept wishing he would single me out and speak to me in a kind manner, but he basically ignored me. That was the 'punishment' or karma for not loving him sincerely, but rather, as I said, for shallow reasons.

The dream reflects that I then did not deserve his attention during this time of glorious transition. Yet I was there. I had the privilege of attending the gala celebration of his ascension into Heaven, and his wife was extremely gracious! I think her kindness to me reflects the fact that I took the vow of celibacy and therefore did not have sex with the man who soon (after knowing me) become her husband. And it means here, also, that I helped him through Purgatory.


Another interesting point is that Robert is one of the many Jewish souls I helped out of Purgatory. Although I am a cradle Catholic and say the Holy Mass for Souls, I always add in the prayers,

'This is for souls of all religions.'

At one time the Catholic Church had a rule that you could do Masses only for Catholics, but I always disregarded that rule, ordering Masses for those of other religions.

I am so happy for you, Robert, in the Cradle of Love forever! You are Eternally Blessed and I congratulate you!


Love from your friend of long ago,



AUGUST 31, 2005



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