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The Deliverance of Errol Flynn from Purgatory
By: Rasa of the Mystical Heart


These are some of the souls Rasa Von Werder helped free from Purgatory.


Rasa has helped approximately 100+ souls in Purgatory who have ascended, but most of these will be unknown to you and even strangers to her.

We are therefore featuring the great celebrities that may have some meaning to you.




erroll flynn - saved from purgatory

Born: June 20, 1909
Died: October, 14 1959
Ascended: March 7, 1982

Read the E-Book :
The Deliverance of Errol Flynn from Purgatory
By: Rasa of the Mystical Heart


When RVW thought about Errol Flynn she feared that he might be in Hell. How great was her joy when the Blessed Virgin, in late 1981 brought her an infant and said,
“Would you like to take care of this infant?”

“Yes”, RVW said!

That infant she recognized shortly was none other than Errol Flynn in Purgatory. Herein began a three month intimate ministry to Errol where RVW suffered for him and for her own benefit and was able to communicate with Errol. Not only through nightly dreams, but even in her waking time. On March 7 she heard a voice say,

“Pray, pray pray.”

She got on her knees and prayed litanies and other prayers for Errol. At the end of two hours a tremendous other-worldly feeling came over her. She looked outside her picture window from her 6th floor apartment and saw a flash of golden light ascend from below into the sky. She said,

“What was that?”

A voice replied,

“That was Errol. He has ascended.”

For a few days RVW was able to continue speaking with Errol and asked him how he felt before and after the ascension and found out many interesting facts. She kept a daily journal of what went on which we offer here called, “The Deliverance of Errol Flynn from Purgatory”. It is offered as a manuscript for $20.00. She can still hear from Errol occasionally when the need arises.




elvis presley - saved from purgatory

Born: January 8, 1935
Died: July 17, 1977
Ascended: April 16, 1982


RVW had a strong connection with Elvis as a child of 10, 11, and 12 in being madly in love with him.

Many years later in July 1977 he appeared to her as a great mountain of talent and she was told that she had been connected with him and she was helping and, and that he was about to ascend into heaven. She doesn’t know much more than that. But at that time when she compared the time Elvis spent in Purgatory, to the time Errol spent in Purgatory she knew that Elvis had a lot less sins to pay for. We think that you will learn about the inner states of souls when you are aware of the time they spent being cleansed. For many years Errol Flynn held the record for the longest time in Purgatory that Rasa was aware of. This was broken by her mother who ascended into heaven in 2003 after having spent over 24 years in Purgatory. Rasa’s father on the other hand spent only two years and nine months in Purgatory.



frank sinatra

Born: December 12, 1915
Died: May 14, 1998
Ascended: February 8, 2002


Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were given to RVW on at the same time. The first thing Sinatra said to her was,

“Can you give me a blowjob?”

By this Rasa understood that that was part of the mental perspective that he was in. In the unfolding weeks and months she taught Frank the meaning of divine love and Frank spoke to her in a more spiritual manner. There was a similarity between Frank and Errol in that they were both extremely generous and big hearted. As Frank improved and got closer to Heaven he became more and more beautiful (as all souls do). But the day of his ascension was especially tender. He appeared in Rasa’s backyard as beautifully clad young man in a brown leather coat and threw stardust onto the yard below her house. Then he appeared as a beautiful 19 year old, he and Rasa embraced and the most exquisite divine feeling of love passed between them. Frank was free! And Rasa saw the beauty of his true self.



dean martin

Born: June 7, 1917
Died: December 25, 1995
Ascended: April 8, 2003


In one of the first dreams of Dean Martin, as he came closer and closer to Rasa she experienced the greatest mental pain that she had ever felt from a soul in Purgatory. She felt such unbearable pain that she hid her head into the crevice of some rocks in the cave they were in. After some time it was explained to her that the terrible pain was a result of Dean’s jealousy toward the two men he worked with. It seemed to him that no matter how great he became he was always in the shadow of someone who got more attention and more recognition than he got. He spent quite a bit more time in Purgatory than Frank because of this jealousy. It was also revealed to Rasa that he was not as charitable and generous as Frank Sinatra. Frank believed in giving large sums of money to charity and doing many good deeds. Frank had a bigger heart than Dean. There weren’t many tender moments with Dean, but on the day that he ascended, as you can imagine it was very beautiful.




Born: March 17, 1938
Died: January 6, 1993
Ascended: June 29, 2002

Rasa saw two gay men making love in her dream, not having any idea who they were. Within a week one of her friends who had died of AIDS appeared and ascended to into heaven. A week later Rudolph Nureyev appeared and also ascended. Rasa learned something by this experience (as she learns from each case she deals with). She learned that souls sometimes are cleansed in a similar purgatory for similar sins. And by logical deduction she figured these men were cleansed of homosexual lust. The minister then helps them, not individually but sometimes two or more at the same time. Her relationships with each soul she helped have as much variety as the relationships we have on Earth. Some are intense love, some are casual, and with these two men there was no intense love but there is always divine love and joy with each of these scenarios. It is important to note that no matter how faulty Rasa may be in her earthly personality in terms of judgment and prejudice, once a soul in purgatory appears to her she has absolutely no judgment – only positive wonderful feelings about the soul. The soul has been forgiven, no matter how heinous its actions were. And the soul is Holy because of it’s fellowship with God. Once forgiven, we are in the Kingdom of God, and we deserve love and respect.




Born: October 18, 1927
Died: July 22, 1999
Ascended: April 23, 2003


When George appeared to Rasa, she was shocked and delighted and thought,
“What have I done to deserve this?”

She wasn’t even his fan, although she loved his portrayal in “Patton” and thought the movie was incredible. Rasa had an incredible dislike for George because he broke into Ava Gardner’s room and held a broken bottle to her throat for hours. When the contact was made however, she knew Jesus had forgiven him and she had only felt love. George’s first words to her are,

“You probably got me off a celebrity mailing list.”

In this Rasa understood a sin that perhaps he was being cleansed of was cynicism. After a few months she saw him ascend, and there is always glory there. Usually she sees the person dressed in clothing that is somewhat soft, frilly, pretty, or white. Even the most “macho” men appear this way. That is because each soul is The Bride. God is the aggressor and we are the passive Bride.



Timothy McVey


Born: April 28, 1968
Died: June 11, 2001 (day of his execution)
Ascended: June 10, 2002

When Timothy McVey appeared to Rasa he was wearing a poncho and he was in a place where custom made homes were built for people. Rasa approached him and he said,
“You are the only person who has reached me here.”

Rasa was totally amazed and delighted that he was forgiven his sins. She decided to begin a series of Gregorian Masses for him which means thirty Masses in a row. Before she said the third Mass he ascended into Heaven having spent one year in Purgatory from the day of his execution. Rasa was mystified, not at the fact that he was forgiven because God will forgive anyone of their sins. She was amazed at the fact that he broke the record for the shortest length of time in Purgatory (of those she had ministered to).

She meditated and prayed on the mystery of this and God told her the following,
“He was brutalized sexually as a child.”

Rasa saw him, so sweet, innocent, and pure as a seven year old boy. And suddenly his face changed, and all that was beautiful and sweet was taken away from him. He was raped more than once by men, and the wounds stayed with him. He never felt like a real man because of this. He had no confidence or self esteem with women. His life was lonely and dreary, and he was not a great sinner.

About his terrible crime:

God said he did not know what he was doing. He was delirious with grief over what had been done to the citizens at Waco, TX. He took it upon himself to vindicate those citizens and he truly felt that what he was doing was an act of war against a government which had killed it’s own citizens. In order to be judged severely for a crime by God, a person has to be aware that they are committing a crime, and there has to be hate or malice. Somehow Timothy McVey did not understand what he was doing. There is one more explanation, there was a great deal of agony in his execution, to die young at the age of 33 is not a happy prospect. That helped cleanse him of his sins. Do not look upon the story I have told you about Timothy McVey with resentment or bitterness, but look upon it with relief and joy in that any of us can be forgiven of any crime no matter how terrible. And if we were not in our right mind when we committed our sins, God shows great mercy.



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