This is a complicated question. Every Avatar can be called an incarnation of God. Every person filled with the Holy Spirit is a window to God. We believe in Jesus as an Avatar, as a window to God, as the Voice of God, and the instrument of God. God cannot speak anymore clearly than in the person of Jesus Christ.

But We must add this; We have come to the conclusion that the Christian insistence on our Lord being Almighty God is a political act rather than anything based on true belief. It seems to Us they want to elevate a male figure to the place of God. Notice that they insist upon God being the Father, not the Mother. They even proclaim the Holy Spirit is a He, and not a She. This is Patriarchy bending over backwards to take the Feminine Divine. Patriarchal Christians attempt to soften the blow against Women by elevating Holy Mary to the place of Dulia which is the super eminent veneration accorded to no other Saint. Our answer is, "NICE TRY." But it does not satisfy us. Yoga is much more satisfactory in this respect. The feminine personification of God is no less significant than its male counterpart. This is Shakti and Shiva. Other images of MotherGod exist.

To love Jesus fully, we may believe in Him as a Super Eminent Avatar, and we can follow Him as the greatest of all Role Models. He can be many things to many people; a brother, a friend, a spouse, a father, or even an infant. Loving Him is a wonderful thing.



We believe that abortion is a terrible wrong, but our solution differs from that of the Catholic Church. Making abortion illegal will bring it back to the kitchen table as well as those who can afford to leave the country will do so. We would like to see work done on avoiding unwanted pregnancies first. Secondly, we would like to see programs that help women in dire straits to keep their children. The Catholic Church looks at the issue with a one-tracked mind, as if making abortions illegal will solve the problem. This is a complicated problem with many issues, and many possible answers. First of all in a Patriarchal society, women are forced to have sex with men who they do not want to have sex with. The average age of the beginning of child abuse is 18 months. Little girls and boys, 50% and 25% respectively are being abused by fathers and other males. How does the Catholic Church address this? This kind of abuse demoralizes a person, and wipes out their self-esteem. They are prone to have relationships with other abusive men. It is a pattern of Patriarchal abuse. How does the Catholic Church address this? What about the general nature of Patriarchy which includes the Catholic Church and informs women that they are born to be breeding objects for men? When all is said and done, you have to admit that women are getting pregnant by moral and physical abuse, faced with a pregnancy by her father or by an abusive man, within a society that doesn't care. What does a woman do, and whom does she go to for help? Two things have to be done. The evils of Patriarchy must be eliminated, and women must have places to go for moral, physical, and financial support. The Catholic Church has a terrible record against women and children. They have no answers, except repression and control. It does not have compassion for the women, it makes no provisions for women who have been raped and abused. The Catholic Church should be giving out condoms for free, instead of preaching against them. They have their heads in the sand. Who do they think they are fooling?

Concerning the evil of abortion, this is what we have learned this is what we have learned through prayer and vision. the child that has been aborted lived on and matures in Heaven, pray for that child. Reconcile with that child, giving him or her name. That child knows you are its mother and waits for you to say, "I love you." The child will say to you in return, "I love you mother." You will see your aborted child or children in Heaven.





Where do we begin? When great Avatars initiate new religions, they are filled with goodness and truth. In the intervening time, demons infiltrate. One of the demons- the one we address the most- is the demon of Patriarchy. Jesus for One did not preach Patriarchy. He lived equality with women. He walked and talked with women daily which to the Jews of His day was anti-establishment, totally unacceptable. His Holy Mother brought him into the world to save the world, because a woman could not preach. Jesus chose Mary Magdalene as his chief apostle because Mary Magdalene was the most spiritually superior of all his disciples. There were probably more women disciples than men, and no woman betrayed the Lord. What happened to this Matriarchal Church which Jesus and Mary founded?

The day has come when the Church of Jesus and Mary will return to its original intention. The Church of MotherGod will bring this about. There were numerous scriptures ignored by the early Church, which ousted the original women and turned it into an institution for men. They rewrote the history of Jesus Christ and the early Church. They purposefully impeached the character of Mary Magdalene from chief apostle to demonic prostitute. (A common practice of men against women they want to destroy.) The demons of jealousy and power had to have been working through the men, and are still working through the men.

Our opinion of so-called Christianity and all Patriarchal religions is that they're filled with many abuses against nature, animals, women, and even men.