In the last couple years or so God has been showing me certain people, in my dreams, who are destined for Hell. Besides these new candidates, I've also known about my first husband, who is in Hell, and my Mom, who would have gone to Hell had I not prayed before her death, "Don't let her go to Hell, I will pay for her sins."

I have a few things to tell you about Hell. But give me time. Let me begin with the latest insights God gave me just a day or two ago.


I was walking down a big road with many people on the left and right and ahead of me, and right in front of me was that friend. I said something witty and he turned around in surprize and kind of like saw me. He has a kind nature. I saw other men, who I will explain later, but this was the first revelation. I shall call this friend Robert.

If Robert is on his way to Hell, what does this dream reveal to me? Why is he going there? What is the Broad Highway to Hell?

Robert is one of the most thoughtful, kindest, most charming and considerate humans I have ever known. He has probably done me more favors than any person besides my last husband. He did sweet, kind considerate things for me. This was a lot of time and trouble and expense. This was a friend - not a lover. It was after I had taken my vow of celibacy. If there was ever a person you'd think was NOT going to Hell, by outside appearences and good deeds, it was Robert. He was always mild and gentle.

Christians will easily say, "Yes, but was he born again?" and they would be right. And that's the whole story.

When I first met Robert I did what I do with a lot of my friends - we go into trances to channel "the light." I helped Robert to get into a trance to have a look at what was in his interior. When he told me the story of his life I saw a bad flaw. He closed his heart to Love, because his pride had been hurt, and it would remain closed.

Robert's sin was he never thought about God. He never prayed, never went to church, never thought about God. God was a remote, abstracted entity to him. Although he did everything good on earth as far as his fellow man, in the area of human nature, none of this came from the deepest wellsprings of a heart informed by the grace of God. This goes well with the parable of the rich man who gave a feast and invited all the friends, and they were all busy. Their minds were not on sinful things, but the busy things of this world. One had just got a new ox, another had a wedding coming up and so on, and the rich man then sent his servants out to get the down-and-outers to enjoy the feast. Robert lived a life, as far as anyone could see, without any sins. But the one big sin is the biggy that can throw us into the pit, and that is the sin of rejection of God. If we do NOTHING about our relationship with God we REJECT God. God needs to be addressed, to be acknowledged. We have to MAKE a relationship with God by inviting God into our heart, or else God will not enter. And that - thinking only about temporal life instead of the eternal - is the Broad Highway to Hell, and that IS THE MOST COMMON WAY PEOPLE END UP IN HELL. This dispels what most people think; that it is by heinous crimes that we go to the pit, but it is the BROAD, COMMON WAY WHERE MOST PEOPLE WALK, JUST ORDINARY CITIZENS, AND ALL WALKING, MILLIONS OF THEM, RIGHT INTO THE PIT OF HELL, WHERE THEY ARE TRAPPED FOREVER. (I saw a vision of this once and it was terrifying.)

In conjunction with this I will present to you CRY OF A LOST SOUL, which is like this in its theme, as a separate article.

Let me move on to the next vision. I was walking toward a woods, and the leaves were like large Ginko Biloba leaves, the clue being a person of long-ago memory. (As Ginko Biloba enhances memory).

I saw an old boyfriend leaving the woods while I entered. We looked at each other and from him came an EVIL VIBRATION and feeling. There was no love at all, although I thought he loved me when we were together. What was this vision saying?

I recalled seeing the picture of Gustave Dore where Dante begins entering the vicinity of Hell. There was first a woods. This woods means entering into suffering. Why am I going there, and why is he leaving? I am going there because I voluntarily accept suffering for the atonement of sin, especially for the Poor Souls. But he is leaving, this dream says, because he doesn't want suffering.

And so, that is the answer. The person who rejects suffering in this life, is not a person who has real love. That is what I saw. No real love, but literally malice. In life he was the handsomest young man in town and everyone wanted him. But because of this he could have gotten spoiled and proud and vain. And it could have ruined his spiritual life entirely. He was a whoremaster. And so, the gift of beauty did him no good but caused his demise.The moral is that true love is sacrificial. Whoremasters do not have love; they have desire. Lust is not love, it is an appetite.

I saw two more people in this dream. One was joyful. An old friend of mine, Jack, (real name,) is a saint. He also did numerous good deeds to me and to others.

And he also goes to church and every year sent me a calendar of Our Blessed Lady. The Bl. Lady is a sure sign of a soul in the fellowship of God. I saw my friend and we embraced and he looked like Robert Redford. It was so beautiful.

The last person I saw in this dream I also embraced as he is someone close to me. But then, a sort of mask came off and I saw him as he was, and a feeling of horror filled me.

"Are you going Heaven?"

I cried. It looked like he wasn't. This was unbearable, as I am close to this person.

The last time God disclosed to me men were going to hell I did proxy baptism and it helped. I believe knowledge is given to us not to sit there but to do something, and I will pray for them. Please let us join together and pray for souls, the souls in Purgatory and the souls who might go to Hell if no one prayed for them.



RVW July 2004




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