This revelation was the first major message given to me by God at the beginning of my mystical development.  I had been practicing yoga for over a year & I had recently met my then mentor, Rev. Verna Talbot.  Because of her infusion  of light into me, & because of my yogic disciplines, I was able to make contact with The God Within, which some call "Master," "The inner Voice," or by many other titles.  And the first major thing my voice said to me was that which I have here stated.  The revelation frightened me. I did not know what to do about, nor was I able to speak of it except in the last few years.  I believe that now is the first time i will be able to so anything about it.  In this revelation, God specifically told me that Satan works through the male gender, & not the female.  That all institutions that are male-dominated, are the institutions by which Satan works to rule the world- that means government , culture, religion-every institution controlled by males.  On the contrary, within this revelation is the fact that Satan does not work through the female, & that Satan works against the female, through the male race, to destroy female.  The female cannot be out & out killed, because she is needed for procreation, but all her re4sources are harnessed for the deployment of male/Satan.  This way neither the earth nor female can be free & the earth is put into a veritable hell.  This vision was frightening to me because I saw no chinks in the armour of working for femminine salvation in this world, or for the issues concerning the female. There was no way to get through the armour of male institutions with this message, that I could see.  Fortunately, both the world & I have come along way since then, & I do see opportunities now for this message to be pronounced.  In fact, today, my eyes are opened to see that many in the world are fighting against Satan & a lot of good - a tremendous amount of good-has been done by those who have been fighting,  There is not only great hope. but today, in this era, is the greatest hope we have ever had.  This time God will win.  How long it will take for God to return the world to the just, to the femminine, I don't know.  This is what is called the "Second Coming of Christ," and the "Return of the Goddess." And I call it, "The return of Christ, This time as a woman."