God looks upon the female as superior to the male and created her as the head, with him as the helpmate. The female's 2X chromosomes are the biological language of God, saying she is The superior sex and must rule.


See Ashley Montagu,
"The Natural Superiority of Women"
Collier books Macmillan Publ. Co.
866 Third Ave New York, NY 10022


The  female is biological mother of life. Without her life cannot continue. Her egg is a reproductive cell, the male sperm is not. The female can reproduce in absence of the male, but the male cannot do so without the female . The female is first and foremost creation, and male the secondary creation. Each one must do what she\he is designed to do. They do have two different roles according to what God suited them for. The reality we see on earth today is exactly the opposite of what God intende two be and that is why the entire earth is in chaos and misery. Women is the leader - the head of the housrhold and the world. She is equipped for this because she is responsible for her children: all the children of the world The male is not responsible - and see how his rulership has made a mess of things. The male is one part of the woman, one X chromosome, highly developed. He was always supposed to be the watchdog, the bodyguard and the helper. A guard is supposed to be capable of violence under attack - and it is this violence that apparently, in some males, has exploded. When these males separated from female domination, they become marauders, plunderers & killers; completely destructive to wemon and children. To see how the male rules is to look at history and history is the story of male violence:  killing, raping, plundering and exploiting. From the first plundering hordes, right up to the present, history is the same. Where is the responsibility? Where is the nurturing? Where is God? It is in the woman. (& some men know this, believe this, and are fighting for this truth.) But the woman has somehow lost herself - her power. Or rather, her power has been subjugated by the male and used for his dimwitted benefit, to the detriment of the whole planet.


Riane Eisler, in "The Chalice and The Blade," ( Harpercollins Publishers, Inc., 10 East 53rd St., New York 10022 ) says that the original message of Christ was one of total equality for the female - including female minstry - and one of femminine values. This message was twisted by the men that took over his religion. I suggest that when Christ fullfills thfe prophecy of his return, it is his original message, his original religion, that will return. The power of femminine principles - those of love, nurturing, responsibility and growth instead of hate, bloodshed and violence, will return to the planet. It is the woman, primarily, the has the vision of what life is about. some males have it, but it is less common for them to understand. It is easier for the woman to have the whole view of life because it is her birthright to create it. That view is exactly as stated in Revelation 1, that all life is one. That we are all brothers and sisters and kin to all life on earth including the inanimate. All life comes from one source and will return to it, and we, as the most intelligent life on earth, are responsble for what we do to it. Killing, plundering, marauding, is not what God wanted for humans. This did not happen under female domination, or when m,ale and female worked in partnership. Somehow, the male got the best of female in spite of her superiority. I believe this wsd and is the work of satan. It is male, through disobedience, not female, that got mankind thrown out of paradise. It was his disobedience to God and female, and obedience to satan that cast humanity out of its ideal home.Perhaps this happen over a time of evolution. Let us suppose that female was once powerful and was within herself a complete person, exercising all her powers both dominant and nurturing. (Today we see females primarily  in the submissive posture.) for some reason, she allowed the male to develop his aggression, while she herself ceased developing it, and the role of male and female split in two. As long as he was obeyed, he was an animal that was not dangerous. Even becoming very aggressive and physically strong, he would not be dangerous to others as long as he was obedient.


Perhaps his role as guardian and heavy labor worker was made easier by his aggression and strength, and that’s why it was allowed.  Whereas the female, by her giving up her aggression and physical strength, became more active in creativity, culture, and intellectual pursuits.  Ruler ship, intellectual work does not require aggression and great physical strength.  All was will until the male broke off from female domination.  I believe the Bible of Satan saying God, “I will not serve.”  It is a corollary not only of what happened in Heaven, but what happened on earth.  Certain males did break off from female domination and in so doing; they turned their back on God.  They invited Satan into their spirits, and became demonic.  These violent males were no doubt ousted from the community.  They developed another lifestyle, a demonic one.  Riane Eisler explains this in her book.  Men traveled in large hordes and were herders and slaughterers of animals.  And they lived by killing and plundering, raping and subjugating women to their rule.  Eventually, and unfortunately, they took over the entire planet, and now, the spirit of the satanic force has over swept the whole world!  The hell that God threw Satan into-after his and his cohort’s rebellion-also had a corollary on earth.  That is the earth we live in today, with all its horrors and threat of nuclear annihilation, all caused by male violence.  No, we do not live in paradise any more with this hanging over our heads.  It is interesting that many great saints emphasize time and time again, how much the devil hates the woman, He sees woman as being the greatest threat to his power and violence.  Ven. Mary of Agreda, perhaps the greatest mystic of all time, in her “ Mystical City of God,” published by Ave Maria Institute in New Jersey, said that Satan, in particular, did not want to bow to the female, who God told him he would one day have to serve-in the person of the BI. Virgin.  And when he cried, “No!” God said,  “The woman shall crush thy head!”    We often see pictures of our BI. Lady, standing on the world, with her foot on the head of a serpent, which represents Satan.  That day is upon us!  The intellect of the woman will crush the mind of the demonic!  Her power against his will crush him!  This is what the female will do to the demonic male on this planet.  I suggest that the female has to reabsorb, or reanimate, all her powers of old.  The latent powers, once in her, which she relinquished to the male, she must now reassert.  That includes her aggression and violence also.  But I so not suggest that she become demonic.  But I am saying she is going to have to take government out of the hands of men, and protect the planet from evil men henceforth.  And she cannot do this in a submissive posture!  The female will have to take over, and once she does so, she will have to maintain control of the planet, and all the “technology” in it, or else Satan/male will wage war against her again.  All war technology has to be either dismantled or put into the hands of female.  This will not be done in one generation, but it can be done!  At a time when the United Nations has determined that female equality with men will be in a thousand years-at the rate of progress-woman will have to step up the campaign.  But even now, it will take more time than we would wish.  The bible says that Satan, once he was cast into Hell, from then on made war against mankind, and especially woman.  Always, since his story began, the greatest object of his hatred has been woman.  No one has been so much repressed, so much used and tortured, as the female.  In his governments, rule goes from one male to another, but the female never rules (almost never).  So men have their day, at least some get their moment in the sun, their victory, and their pleasure.  But women never do.  If males were only against God, then women would sometimes rule.  They would allow that.  But in particular, their war is against women.  It is women/God that they are against-it is both.  Woman is the greatest threat to his power.  Woman is the original creation, the original being, and woman contains within herself the greatest resources on earth.  She is biologically and intellectually vastly superior to the male, and that is why he must crush her.  What male has done to the woman, and her progeny, is Satan dragging us all into hell-almost.  It is Hell enough that for many, life does not seem worth living.  Look at the work of Satan as described in the Bible: Satan was a liar from the first.  He controls the media, education and culture with lies.  He is a thief. He steals from the poor and underprivileged.  He disrupts cultures and steals land.  And then exploits it.  He takes for himself all that he can, all that is not his.  He destroys.  Oh, how he destroys!  Shall I make a shopping list? The list of what he destroys can be summed up in one word: everything.  He destroys nature, animals, women, children, and other men.  He destroys happiness.  He destroys our ability to enjoy the life God has given us on earth. 





God exists in every atom (and therefore every cell) as the substance and the idea within each component of life.  God infuses both the energy and the potential into each life-each individual atom and cell. Let us speak in biological terms, but the same applies to like rocks, metals and dirt. God is the idea and the power to fulfill the idea in each cell. If God were not in the cell-if God were not in the atom- then God would be a separate or alien life apart from us.  But God is not separate or alien.